Video Review: Keyshia Cole "I Changed My Mind"

In Oakland, California the streets signs indicate the cross streets of 84th and Birch. Roxy’s and Eddie’s Market flash past the screen. Some of the street art painted on the building is featured. The Fox Oakland Theatre is seen. A sign says “Open 24 Hours” while another says “1/4 Giant Burgers.” Oakland is spray painted on a wall.

Keyshia Cole stands on the street as Kanye West flips his hood over his head as he sits on the sports utility vehicle (SUV).

She walks on the sidewalk, past an aluminum fence wearing bubblegum pink high heels, hot pink boy shorts and crop top.

On the car, she looks over West’s shoulder to the camera.

In her boyfriend’s car, she makes out with him, her butt rubbing against the steering wheel. He plays with a strand of her hair.

West takes off his hood and claps his hands to the beat.

She sees her boyfriend driving by and she stops to talk to him in the street. When she gets home, a woman in a canary yellow halter top eyes her up and down. Cole shakes it off as she opens the gate. However, a nagging feeling stops her and she looks to where the woman was. She goes inside her home.

The young woman runs her hand along the car and talks to Cole’s boyfriend. Cole’s boyfriend pats the seat of his truck and she gets inside.

Cole sits on her chair in her bedroom, looking at a photo of her and her boyfriend. She picks up the phone and calls him. The young woman sees Cole’s face on Cole’s boyfriend’s phone and answers. Cole holds the phone back, saying “what?” to herself. She calls the young woman a bitch and hangs up. The young woman smirks as Cole’s boyfriend sleeps in his bed.

Cole cries in her room. At about 7:15 am, she changes her clothes and walks to her boyfriend’s home. Cole catches the young woman walking out of her boyfriend’s home. She asks him what that was all about. He comes down the steps and she tells him it’s over. He plays dumb while the women next door, chime in, telling her she’s doing the right thing.

At night, Cole stands with a group of people outside Moon’s Market.

She puts her hand to his face, telling him to stop and she leaves, shaking her head as she walks away. She sees her friends waiting for her. They hang out at Moon’s Market, where she says hello to a guy she likes.

She stands on the sidewalk of one the neighborhoods in Oakland.

Rating: 3/5

The markets, street art and surviving mom-and-pop store make up Oakland, California. Singers and plays come to the Fox Oakland Theatre, letting local people discover an interest in art.

The neighborhood drama, though, travels at full tilt and busts out in the open. Cole smiles and meets with her boyfriend, although some people have seen him with another woman. The woman walks Cole’s neighborhood, letting Cole know she has taken something of hers and wants her gone.

Cole thinks it’s suspicious and gives her boyfriend a call. The young woman rubs it in Cole’s face, enjoying her humiliation. Cole, to her credit, does not run after the young woman who was harassing her and tear out her weave. She chooses to break up with her boyfriend instead and return back home. The women next door comment on the action, though, encouraging Cole and insulting the boyfriend.

In the neighborhood, the drama is going to escalate, with people taking Cole’s side. However, her ex-boyfriend and new girlfriend are going to be shamed. There’s going to be some brass knuckles. Cole is not going to be one the do it, though. She prefers to date someone else and stay out of the gossip.

Director: N/A Year: 2004


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