Video Review: Afrojack & Mike Taylor "SummerThing!"

Some hay rolls against the searing hot road. Afrojack sleeps by the edge of the bed, passed out, with women sleeping around him. He wakes up and realizes he’s in some random small town motel. He puts some hangover tablets in his water and takes them.

At the gas station, in the middle of nowhere, women in bikinis and shorts hang out. Afrojack stretches his arms.

Mike Taylor leans against the hood of his vintage car.

The women at the gas station start to dance, as well as Taylor by his car. As a car approaches, a young woman tips her sunglasses down to check out the guys and walks to the driver’s side to meet her friend. Her male friend puts his arm around her and they walk inside. Another young woman in a white tank top stares and then talks to them when they stop by her.

Afrojack rolls up in van, which is set up with his turntable and computers. There, he plays music.

The women, leading the men by the hand, take them to the bar. People hold onto to unicorn and eye floaties.

In the van, Afrojack moves his fingers to the beat. A woman in the bikini sponges the van while a bunch of people, including Taylor dance.

About a half of dozen women dance with Taylor in the middle of the road.

The male friend of the woman with the sunglasses nuzzles the young woman, wearing a white tank top, in the corner of the gas station. They ride their bikes together.

By the bar, the women in bikinis jump and down again. Afrojack watches the young woman in the white tank top take off her shirt. The young man puts a white rose crown on her head. They kiss by his pick-up truck.

A beach ball splashes in the water. Water sprays some women. People glide down an inflatable slide and into a pool. An older man claps. Someone dunks themselves into a car filled with water. Women sit in bath tubs, whipping their hair. A man admires a woman’s breasts. In the bath tubs, the women eat slices of watermelon and lick their lips. The older man looks on. A young woman in a cornflower blue bikini jumps between a hula hoop.

The young man takes the young woman’s hand.

People continue to get splashed with water and dance.

They run, hand-in-hand, toward the bar where people cheer them as they race down the aisle. Taylor waits for them, lifting his hands arm up. He beckons them to come closer.

Taylor dances with everyone at the bar.

The couple leans in for the kiss.

Multiple clips flash by of people dancing.

Later that night, the couple runs to their car, sheds their clothing and shoes.

More people dancing and jumping in kiddie pools.

The couple jumps into their car, which is filled with water.

Women suck from long straws and people dance around.A young woman blows a kiss. The couple drives off.

Rating: 2/5

The party doesn’t ever stop. However, between the women in bikinis and the drinking, a sweet love story occurs between two people. However, it’s an afterthought to the skin, jiggling and leering going on outside the bar.

It’s above telling a romance, believing it to be a cheesy and square thing to do. Unfortunately, it gives a glimpse of a couple who fell in love, passed on the partying and decided to get married. They set their own path among the beer and bikinis and while keeping in with the spirit of how they met.

Somehow, the young couple is anomaly among the group, forgoing hook-ups and parading half-naked. Yet, their friends attend their wedding and a drift seems to happen once they kiss. The couple leaves on their own. Afrojack, Mike Taylor and the remaining people at the bar continue to have the same experiences, unable to move past the spring break stage of their lives.

Director: Sam Sneed Year: 2015

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