Video Review: Sabrina Carpenter "Thumbs"

Sabrina Carpenter, walking in her high heel boots, takes a seat on the subway train. She puts her arm by the window, pulls her hood up to her face and looks out. She turns around, facing forward and fluffs her long, blonde hair out of her hoodie.

She gets up, letting her jacket fall to her to her elbows. The only other person on the train, a woman, puts a black glove on her hand.

She walks backwards, exiting out the door and onto the platform. Some people get on the train. She watches some people break dance.

A man, holding a coffee enters the train and she is hanging onto the pole. Through the window, she does a spin and passes by a woman reading her book as she holds onto the pole. The man standing next to her, though, seems tired. Carpenter sits back down near the woman who was putting her gloves on earlier.

She gets up from her spot. The woman, who is reading, turns a page. She sits between the man who’s holding his coffee and a woman with earbuds. She then moves to the exit, waiting for her stop.

A fortysomething woman rummages through her bag. A young woman, wearing leopard spotted pants, picks at her hair, bored while another woman rubs her forehead and then continues to read the newspaper.

As she swings around the pole, a man, returning home from work, searches through his briefcase. She stands next to the exit. Sitting on the seat is man holding a bouquet of roses, the woman with the ear phones, an irritated fortysomething woman, and another man, who adjusts the collar on his vest.

The tired man, who had decided to sit down, changes seats. The man sitting next to him scoots down to the end. The woman, who was wearing gloves, fixes her sleeves. Carpenter stands in the center as the people wait.

The lights go out on the train and she whips her hair back and forth. They turn back on twice, for only several seconds. Some people on the train dance with her.

She sits back down again, picking at her nails. The train has emptied out. The woman, who was putting on the gloves, listens for her stop.

Rating: 5/5

Sabrina Carpenter, on her way home from school, people watches on the subway. The woman, who she sees everyday, hasn’t ever spoken a word to her. Sometimes she sees the woman who reads and wonders if she works for a publisher. The dancers perform on the platform all the time. Every once in a while, she will give them tips. She heard one of them is going to Julliard in the fall.

The woman, wearing the leopard spotted pants, Carpenter thinks, is an intern for Hood By Air. The woman, though, rummaging through her purse, she avoids at every turn. The woman complains about her seat, her boyfriend and whatever else is on her mind.

She thinks about the people’s lives and what happens after they get off the train. The man buying roses, she wonders if it’s an apology or  anniversary gift. No one really wants to talk. They stay seated, waiting for their turn to go home.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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