Video Review: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Downtown"

Macklemore rests on a moped. A guy taps him on the shoulder and he gets off, apologizing. He walks away and a line of three dancers form behind him. They begin a routine on the pavement.

Macklemore steps onto the street, his friends in tow. They stop at the local motorcycle dealer. The salesman greets him and asks him how he could help. Macklemore says he would like a moderately priced moped. The salesman leads him into the store and he is filled with excitement when he comes across one he likes. He touches the seat and fiddles with the mirror. Once he buys it, he tears through the store’s wall.

Kool Moe Dee and Melle Mel drive through a graffitied alley in downtown.

The trains have stopped to load up on the tracks.

Kool Moe Dee and Melle Mel slow down when they see an overturned moped. They find Macklemore spray painting the building with their names, as well as Grandmaster Caz’s. They continue to drive in the alleys.

A dog sits in the basket, watching traffic as its owner drives a moped on the road.

A man in an apartment building looks from right to left while on the lookout.

A woman’s butt is seen. Then, it swtiches to a split screen: a woman licks an oversized lollipop and another woman sucks a popsicle. Both disappear when a woman takes a bite of chocolate.

Awaiting behind a velvet rope, a line of people stand, stretching to the end of the block, to wait to get inside. Macklemore, Kool Moe Dee and Melle Mel speed by the Fox, with their names on marquee.

Macklemore and his friends dance together down a street.

They drive down the street. Someone pops a wheelie. People walk down the streets and down the stairs of apartment buildings.

From a bridge, he watches the guy who popped a wheelie below. He pauses to wag his finger.

Macklemore decks out his moped with the head of a buck. He stands up, while driving, with one leg sticking up.

He and his friends walk down South Street. Macklemore takes some cards from a guy, high-fives a man in khaki trench coat and twirls a young woman towards him. Another woman puts his arm around his waist. Together, they walk.

At the card store, Ken Griffey, Jr. catches a ball.

Eric Nally, with his straps tied to several moped, screams as he rides. People pour out into the street, riding their motorcycles.

On the street, Nally beats his chest and swings on a street pole.

Nally and Macklemore’s groups meet in the center of the street, challenging each other. Macklemore climbs up on a man’s shoulders and they cross Sprague Street.

At the light, Macklemore and a young woman look at one another. He rides on the backseat of her motorcycle. An older man yells for her to get off the street. She shouts back that he needs to go back inside.

Macklemore and the dancers grab their crotches in front of a building. A motorcycle gang walks together.

At a parade, a yellow dog gives the okay sign with his paw. A young woman gets off the bus.

Macklemore leads the parade of people walking down the street. People watch the parade from their apartment buildings.

A bus says downtown on it.

Rating: 4/5

John Hughes, the late director of iconic 80s movies, would be proud. Macklemore is similar to a grown-up Ferris Bueller, calling into work and impulsively buying a moped in the morning. From there, he hangs out with his friends and becomes the center of a parade happening in the city.

Eric Nally, with his multiple motorcycles, is similar to the valet who drove off with Cameron’s father’s car and launched it over a plank while joyriding.

However, there are several loose ends. The subplot of the young man being a lookout on the balcony of the apartment building leads nowhere. He stands there, wondering if anyone is watching him. Another story is there but it doesn’t get explored. Nally is the crazy guy who’s willing to do anything. They seem to have a standoff and then it heads straight to the parade. Somehow, there seems to be a rivalry and some resentment on Macklemore’s part.

Even with its unfinished subplots, the love for Ferris Bueller doesn’t ever get old. It may be an unintentional nod but its in the spirit of Bueller’s quote: “Love moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Hence, the moped.

Directors: Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Jason Koening Year: 2015

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