Video Review: Vitamin C & Lady Saw "Smile"

In the now-closed Sam Goody music store, a record plays on the turntable. Stacks are placed on a fixture with Vitamin C’s album cover in the center. On the wall, her logo is displayed on the screen. It flips over to her, where she looks down briefly.

Vitamin C and her dancers perform a dance routine in aisle, near the registers. The lights flash on and off in the store.

On the screen, by her logo, she begins to sing. It changes over to her sitting on a bench in a yellow square patterned room, wearing a matching outfit and then switches back to her singing.

Back in the yellow square room,which has red lines going through it, she sprawls out on the clear bench. She moves her shoulders back and forth. Then, she puts her hands in front of her face. She dances in the room. She spreads her leg in and out on the bench.

In another part of the store, a second album photo hangs on the wall with a television screen featuring her dancing on the second level.

She’s sitting on a cold, hard floor with pillows around her. She bobs her head from side to side. After dancing on the balcony some more, the screen switches back to her in the pillow room. There, she rests her elbows on the pillow.

In a blue room, she dances.

On one of the television screens, she punches through with her hand, breaking the glass.

In the DJ booth, Lady Saw raps while she dances a few feet away.

She dances again the blue room. White squiggles form a circle. There isn’t any set pattern to it.

On the rack, stacks of Vitamin C’s self-titled album are for sale.

In red writing, the marquee, which spans the entire store, has her name scrolling past.

Vitamin C is also on a magazine, which fans can buy.

By the listening booth, employees and customers alike dance while her video plays on the screen.

She dances in the yellow square room again, which forms into a circle. There, she sings as it’s printed on the CD and the cover closes.

In a square shaped screen, she dances and then it flips to the CD again. It then returns to her dancing on the second level.

She rests her head on the pillow in the pillow room.

She smiles at the camera and the screen changes back to her logo.

Rating: 1/5

Vitamin C, providing you an hour of fun and lots of exercise from the poppy beats. Her citrus-laced tunes will give your children a healthy, non-threatening view of pop stars. No awkward conversations necessary. The product is brought to you by Elektra and Warner Brothers Music Group. Album available in stores now.

While album covers and snippets of other songs are seen in music videos, it’s usually a 30 second shot and then the story starts. However, there is no story here. It’s simply go to the store and buy the album.

No record store is the same. Tower Records was spacious with bottomless rows of albums. Thumbing through the stacks, a person could find imports at a decent price. In downtown Ann Arbor, the CDs are shelved in alphabetical order, as though a person was perusing someone’s personal collection. One has to squeeze through the tight spaces to get to the next row.

Then, Sam Goody was similar in size to Tower Records. However, the selection was typical discount chain with the only the latest albums to purchase. There wasn’t any individuality to the store nor was it an experience.

Director: Christopher Erskin Year: 1999


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