Video Review: Kygo & Julia Michaels "Carry Me"

Jay Alvarrez drives the truck through the beach in Ibiza. In the backseat, one of their friends claps his hands, laughing. Alvarrez and Kygo climb on top of the truck as it’s moving and sit.

At night, they drink at the bar. The next morning, they get their surfboards and hang out at the beach.

In between, Kygo performs at his concert, waving his hand in the air as sparks fly by the stage.

Alvarrez and his girlfriend glide on the sand, using the surfboard. Then, it’s Kygo’s turn and Alvarrez rides on the back. They tumble over onto the sand. Alvarrez helps Kygo up.

Alvarrez rides tall in the water. His girlfriend pumps her hand in the air as she swims. She climbs up and then dives into the water.

Alvarrez, Kygo and their significant others talk on the beach.

Alvarrez cannonballs into the pool. On the next turn, he takes Kygo with him. They lie out on the boat. From the house, Alvarrez throws a pineapple floatie to Kygo. It slips from his hands. Kygo and Alvarrez hug. He shows them the house.

At the concert, Kygo claps his hands.

Alvarrez throws a pineapple from the pool. One of their friends jumps into the pool, splashing their girlfriends.

The group climbs up the mountain and jumps into the water. Alvarrez jet skis and then falls into the water.

On the boat, Alvarrez puts a pirate’s hat on Kygo’s head. He wears it for most of the day. Until he gets tired of it and throws it in the water.

Later, on a yacht, they attend a party and drink some more. Alvarrez watches some of Kygo’s concert on his phone.

At the concert, Alvarrez joins Kygo on stage and dances. Alvarrez gives Kygo a hug at the end of the show.

Rating: 4/5

Jay Alvarrez and Kygo’s real-life friendship encapsulates camaderie. They both live public lives, although Kygo is the more well-known of the two. Neither see each other as competition (Alvarrez is a model) and have become family, bonding over the craziness of the lives they chose for themselves.

Kygo invites Alvarrez for a weekend in Ibiza, while he plays some concerts. In his off-time, Alvarrez provides some grounding for Kygo by keeping him company. Alvarrez turns Kygo’s work into a vacation. Alvarrez, though, respects Kygo and holds him in high regard. Kygo views him as a peer who understands what it’s like being famous. For them, the video was a chance to spend some much needed time together and hang out.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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