Video Review: LeAnn Rimes "Blue"

At the Barton Springs Pool, located in Austin, Texas, a young man dives into the water as people swim around him. In the chair, the lifeguard watches. A little boy cannonballs into water. Some boys watch by the railing. Three teenage boys wander the area, shirtless. A beach ball bounces on the pavement. LeAnn Rimes floats in the water on a yellow raft, wearing sunglasses and smiling.

In the studio, she sits on a stool, recording the song.

On the lawn chair, she puts her hands over her head and then turns her head to the right.

On the raft, she puts her hands over her head, forming a heart.

Inside the studio, the producer shows her how the controls work. She swings around on the chair, resting her feet on the sound board. She taps her bare feet on the carpet.

She lies down on the grass, sleeping in her sundress.

Two older guys check her out.

In the studio, she laughs.

The guys flex their muscles for her. On the lawn chair, she taps her mouth as she yawns. The lifeguard blows his whistle.

At the lawn chair, the older guy talks to her and she laughs.

In the studio, she taps her knee to the music.

On the grass, she twirls around. She tips her sunglasses down to her nose.

Rating: 2/5

LeAnn Rimes straddles the line between adult and child without really finding a middle.At the time, she was 13 years old with the full-time job of an adult. Despite her age, it’s expected of her to act as a 20 year old.

She hangs out at the park by herself without any friends to gossip about the boys she sees. Two guys, who appear to be sophomores in high school, try to impress her. One even hits on her. She thinks he’s cute and continues to talk to him. However, there is no adult or even a friend to protect her.

In the studio, an adult is there for legal reasons due to her being a minor. It’s as though her parents are far more worried about their daughter putting out music and earning a paycheck than actually taking care of her.

Director: Chris Rogers Year: 1996


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