Video Review: The Chainsmokers "Paris"

Crows fly over the roof of a home. Inside, a young woman lies in the dark on the bed. Eyes red, she stares at the ceiling. Outside on the lawn, Drew sings. Andrew looks up.

She sits up in bed and then lies back down again, staring out the window. She turns over to face the ceiling again, closing her eyes. She opens her eyes again and realizes the house is moving. She walks down the hallway and then pauses. Andrew takes a picture.

As she approaches the window, her eyes bulge. It’s Paris. Andrew looks up, the neighborhood unchanged below. Amazed, she puts her hands on the glass. She dances and then falls back onto bed. She puts half of her body out of the window.

She grips the edge of the window pane and looks down below, placing her hands on both sides. Andrew and Paul watch.

She jumps off. As she falls, she screams, putting her hands over her hand, hoping it will balance her.

Against the black background, with fiery smoke, Andrew sings.

She passes through the clouds, her body clanging and jerking from the pressure. Andrew and Paul remain in the smoke.

She puts her arms out like wings, her leg perched on the other. Gritting her teeth, she braces herself as she falls face forward.

She lands in the bed inside the house and opens her eyes.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman wants to go back to Paris with her boyfriend. There, her life was perfect and in control. She and Drew Taggart drank coffee in cafes, visited museums and made love in a hotel overlooking the Notre Dame.  However, it was a summer romance that dissipated not long after they returned home.

However, he asked to be friends and she continued to do so, hoping they would get back together. But she saw online, he started dating someone else. Since then, she hasn’t been able to leave her home. Alone and depressed, she spends her time reliving Paris.

Alarming messages online and disturbing texts caused Taggart to keep an eye on her. As he sees the house in the sky, it confirms his worst fear.

The last thing she sees is Paris and then she falls to her death. In the afterlife, she is in her bed, as though nothing has changed. She is doomed to be in her bedroom, her spirit unable to rest.

A helpless Taggart wants to be there for her and save her. But he can only stand by. The guilt, though, for not trying hard enough or thinking he was harsh with her when they broke up, will stay with him.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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