Video Review: PARTYNEXTDOOR "Not Nice"

On chestnut sand with some wide creases, two people ride ATVs. One person stands up on their ATV, driving slowly while the second person circles around him. PARTYNEXTDOOR looks to his left as he stands on the sand.

In a hut, he sits on a couch with four young women surrounding him. One leg up on the couch, he rests his arm on his knee. The blonde young woman watches him as he raps every so often.

One person drives the ATV towards the left, sand spiraling by the wheel.

Back on the sand, he sticks out his tongue and points his thumb downward.

At dusk, he walks the beach, the waves rolling to the sand. The blonde young woman rides the ATV next to him as he raps. The screen jumps from the heat. As he raps, the sun becomes a thin, orange line over the ocean.

The young, blonde woman drives the ATV on the shore.

In the daylight, the two people on the ATVs ride on the sand, the sky a dark teal behind them.

In the midnight black sky, he continues to rap. The young blonde woman puts her hand on the tip of her helmet.

In the early morning light, he squints as the azure ocean rolls behind him.

Back in the daylight, someone pops a wheelie on the sand. Someone stands on the sand, next to their ATV.

Rating: 4/5

The expansive and immaculate beach is a place for adventure. He hangs out with his friends for a day. They cruise on the sand, popping wheelies and race each other. PARTYNEXTDOOR stays in the hut, staying cool from the balmy sun and talks with several women.

During the afternoon, he shared with him how his friends thought it would be good for him to get out of the house and enjoy the weather. He explains he’s still recovering from a breakup.

He forms a friendship with blonde woman sitting next to him.Together, they hang out on the beach at night and into the dawn. Neither are really in a place for a relationship. She’s doe-eyed and alert while he broods, commenting to her every once in a while about the ocean.

Director: Adrian Martinez Year: 2016

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