Video Review: Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood "The Fighter"

In a boxing ring, Keith Urban strums his guitar.

On a bus, a young woman plays with her necklace, bending it forward and then back again during her ride home. She looks out the window, glancing at the stars.

After getting dropped off at her stop, she walks on the sidewalk, holding onto her hat. She walks forward and then slides back. She begins to dance.

A row of twinkling lights by the mid-level seats are on as Urban plays. He taps his foot and then his chest. Carrie Underwood joins him in the ring.

The young woman dances underneath an overpass. Under orange florescent lights, she turns and spins.

In the ring, Underwood smiles at the camera. Urban holds up his guitar. He gestures towards Underwood, tapping his chest. Underwood fans herself with her hand, then laughs. Urban bends down on his knee as Underwood jumps. She bounces and when she stands beside Urban, she flexes her muscles.

The young woman dances in an industrial area, lit in a hazy red.

Underwood hugs Urban.

Rating: 3.5/5

Keith Urban got Carrie Underwood out of her unbreakable structured shell! Free of the couture and the professional poses with well-rehearsed talking points, Underwood relaxes with a ripped sweatshirt and jeans. She bounces around on the ring and jokes. It’s the loosest she’s ever been. It’s as though she read Medium’s “The Complete Guide to Not Giving A Fuck” one afternoon, called her management and told them that she could care less about chart numbers, best dressed lists and awards. Grab a bottle of wine, Underwood and toast the newfound freedom. It’s a great look.

In the midst of Underwood’s epiphany, a young woman breaks out in a dance. In it, she releases the struggle to pay bills every month, pressure for a real job and a need to downplay her abilities. She is who she is.

Guiding the two women along is Keith Urban, who rocks out in the ring. Fun and friendly, he grins with encouragement as Underwood dances by him. He busts out laughing when Underwood fans herself, appreciating her humor. He’s proud of her as she leans against him, smiling in a way that he has only seen in private.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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