Video Review: Jamie Foxx & Ludacris "Unpredictable"

In a club, Jamie Foxx smokes a cigar as leans against the color blocked wall, with one side mahogany and the other side painted beige.

Sitting on a couch, Eva Longoria holds her cigar as he sings.

The screen splits into three. In the center, two women in bikinis walk to a mansion. The top and bottom reflect the angle behind them, with the palm trees in the background. The center changes to a row of champagne glasses with a woman’s face fading into it.

The split screen continues. Foxx is against the color blocked wall, while the champagne is being poured into the glasses on the top and bottom screens. In the center, he is somewhere in the mansion. The top and bottom screens show him dialing on his flip phone and then to a woman getting out of the pool.

The center image fades into a woman leaning against a wall at a party and then Foxx talking to two women. In the top and bottom screens, he is seen chatting with them at the pool.

The center image returns to Foxx hitting on the woman leaning against the wall. In the two other screen, they are hanging out by the pool which then changes to him dancing.

In the center, he sits on the couch, his arms sprawled out. He and the woman’s face are divided by the screens.

Continuing with the center, he crawls on the bed, leaning over a woman, who stares into the camera. In the split screen, he teaches her how to golf and then they dance back-to-back.

In the center, Ludacris and Foxx dance in the club. People dance in the top and bottom screens. While Ludacris raps, Foxx’s is seen smiling and then making out with his girlfriend. Foxx talks to someone on his cell phone. Ludacris is seen with multiple women.

In the center, a woman rubs the leather on Foxx’s jacket. The top and bottom screens, champagne bottles are filled. He sits with Eva Longoria again while he dances with another woman on the other screens. He touches the woman’s thigh as the screen divides of them in bed, with the top focusing on their heads and the bottom, on their legs.

Rating: 4.5/5

Hype Williams’ use of the split screen in the video could have its own set of bonus features like isolating the angles to be viewed at one time and piecing together the top and bottom screens to see it as one. The video requires at least two viewings to really take in the images.

The divided screens add information without distraction. With a glance, it’s found out that he and the woman are dating. He takes the time to teach her how to golf. It is literally another angle, proving there is more to the relationship rather than adventurous sex. It gives his character some growth. At the beginning, he is hitting on whomever he can. However, he chooses one woman.

The divided screen also elongates the image, which directs the eye to them as soon as they change. Even if it’s not seen at first, Williams leaves it for a few extra seconds before switching it up again. The patience puts the audience first over style.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 2005


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