Video Review: Katy Perry & Skip Marley "Chained to the Rhythm"

At the Oblivia Amusement Park, it’s midday and the rides are running. Teenagers and young men walk to the turnstiles to buy their tickets. Rose (Katy Perry )looks in awe at the roller coasters as she enters. She twirls around and views the sign for the hamster wheel, stated as the greatest ride in the universe.

Women, wearing pastel dresses and pill box hats, they take pictures on their tablets, with the hamster logo on them. She walks past the dining areas. Someone hands her a giant-sized cotton candy cone and she turns it down.

She stops at the Great American Dream Drop ride. There, a man is letting a couple enter a house. They sit on a couch and hold hands. Perry sniffs the roses and pricks her finger on a thorn.

On another ride, houses fly in a circle and then drop. She gets on the Love Me ride with a young man. The men and women on each side look into each other’s eyes before the roller coaster starts. Perry and the young man next to her scream and then put their hands up in the air as they reach a hill.

People wait in line, putting their hands over their heads and folding them in prayer for the hamster wheel. The time reads a 1983 hour wait.

In the tunnel, Rose sees Facebook emojis on the wall. The rides finishes it loop on the heart, leaps off the track and lands on the other heart. A photo is taken of her and the young man, who is named Simon. Simon scored a 9,478 while she had only 17 points.

At the Safe Trip Home sign, Rose watches a man get catapulated onto the other side of the fence. Standing at No Place Like Home, a crane scoops a couple up and then tosses them into the air. At Bombs Away, plastic rockets fly in the air in the middle of a roller coaster.

A woman jogs in the hamster wheel while another man stands in the center of it. Two people lift her up and she has a drink at Inferno H2o. There, people sip from beakers. She toasts with the two people next to her and drinks her chemically enhanced water.

At 7 pm, people rush to the chairs to watch the Nuclear Family show. Everyone, including Rose, puts on their 3-D glasses.

People slip off the hamster wheel.

By a black-and-white television, a woman irons and the man reads the newspaper. A young girl, holding a stuffed animals, colors in her book. People bob their heads from left to right in a mindless fashion. Rose questions it. She pauses when sees Skip Marley appear and takes off her 3-D glasses. He steps out of the television set and she stands up. She approaches the stage and reaches for Marley’s hand. People stand up and clap for the show.

She steps onto the hamster wheel and runs. She stops, breathing heavily and has a realization.

Rating: 5/5

It’s the future and America has disappeared. It has become some faraway land that once existed. It currently has a new name and government. An American is an archaic word.

Katy Perry as Rose, visits the amusement park dedicated to the once great land of America. It exhibits its early 1950s ideals in the rides. However, the idealogy is exposed when the ride is finished. During several rides, the humans are tossed, either out of a home or by a machine. Safety isn’t guaranteed. Everyone fends for themselves.

At some point, a war broke out in America. Part of the roller coaster ride “Bombs Away” is dodging plastic rockets aiming at the person inside the seat. Then, at one of the shows, people learn that the only acceptable family was the husband, wife and child. The wife does the housekeeping while the man simply reads. The child plays quietly in the corner. The family is white. The audience absorbs the gender ideals at face value. They see nothing wrong with it. Lily sees it as a problem. There are other versions of a family. Step, half, interracial, interfaith, adopted — none of them are represented.

As she jogs on the hamster wheel, she rejects the ideals she has been taught to believe is right. It is then she decides to push back against society.

Director: Matthew Cullen Year: 2017


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