Video Review: Maroon 5 & Future "Cold"

Driving home from work, Adam Levine answers the phone. His manager, Jonathan asks him to go over to Future’s house. Future wants him to hear the verse he recorded for the new single. Levine scrunches up his face and tells his manager no. The next call is his wife, Behati. She requests milk. Then, Future calls up Adam and implores him to come to the party. Levine says of course he’s going.

He arrives at Future’s house and walks up the pathway to the door, which is lined with torches. Once inside, he orders a drink from the bartender. The young women notice he’s Adam Levine but continue on with their conversations. As Levine looks around to see if there is anyone he knows at the party, the bartender slips a drug into his drink.

He downs the drink, exclaiming a silent “yeah” of refreshment. But then his vision starts to blur. He walks into the bathroom and washes off his face. He traces the mirror, which causes a thick line in the middle of it. He realizes he can draw and with the tip of his finger, adds a loop with the clear gel.

He giggles, holding onto a beaded curtain. In the next room, he sees people with fox faces and a human face on a goldfish in the aquarium. All the colors blend together.He shakes his head and sees a woman lying on a couch, her lizard tail tapping the cushion.

Two women grab him from behind and lead him to a bedroom. They throw him on the bed and take off his shirt. He believes they are unicorns. Walking out of the bedroom, he sees two women on a couch making out. It’s as though he can see their body temperature rising.

In the sky, he sees two police cars swirling upside down. A woman, in a police officer outfit, shakes out her hair and opens her shirt. Levine sees her as rotoscoped person. She feels his body. He takes a picture and it develops into sea. Creatures with orange eyes swim around.

At the DJ booth, Future’s face is painted with lizard makings. Levine views one person as the devil. Someone smashes a piano.

In Future’s living room, Future thanks him for making it to the party. After a pause, he says “thank you.” Future asks him if he’s enjoying the party. As Future puts his glasses to his nose, his face melts. In the corner, he sees two women sitting at a table, drinking tea. The one woman says “Tripping?” While the older woman, says (with Future’s voice) that he has to relax. Then, Future turns into a stuffed teddy bear.

A female bodybuilder dumps into the pool. Underneath the water, he watches a priest preside over a wedding. As he rises up to the surface, all the previous scenes flip over several times.

At home, he opens the refrigerator and in there, he sees  about five cartons of milk. He comments it wasn’t about the milk. He adds a gallon of milk to the refrigerator.

In bed, Behati reaches her arm over to him and says “hey.” He then summarizes his night for her in specific details. At the word “threesome,” she lifts up the mask over eyes and looks at him. He assures her nothing happened. She rolls back over to her side. While he continues to talk, she puts her arm to her head and sighs. She rolls over to him and snuggles, telling him that she loves him.

Rating: 2.5/5

Adam Levine, in the dialogue scenes, repeats himself over and over. Some of it could’ve been cut completely without losing any information needed for the plot. The milk bit, though, undermines Levine’s marriage. It’s Behati checking up on him and making sure he comes home. She can tune him out but the word threesome concerns her. She worries he will cheat.

Future, though, seems to be acting as manager of his home as takes Levine aside and asks him to listen to his work. He notices his colleague exhibiting strange behavior and tells him to rest. However, Levine neglects to mention he was drugged. It’s likely Future would fire the bartender and complain to the company.

The animal faces are unclean and disheveled, lacking distinguishable detail. However, the animation is when the surrealism succeeds. The painting over the two women making out seems to be a physical representation of the temperature within the body while the rotoscope on the stripper makes for a stunning image when she pulls her hair back, her body painted in a baby blue.

It’s the underwater wedding, complete with some bridesmaids and groomsmen, that is lasting image from the video. It’s fully realized, beginning as a peaceful moment before turning menacing. The confusion on Levine’s is as questions it its reality. It’s the first time doubt is created over what is truly imaginary.

Director: Rich Lee Year: 2017

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