Video Review: Miley Cyrus "Adore You"

Underneath a flowing, cream colored blanket, Miley Cyrus bites the sheet. She sits up, putting her hand in her mouth. She lies on her back, eyes closed, running her hands over her body.

She pulls her bangs back as she films herself with a video camera. The image is inverted through the camera and then turns a grainy blue when she leans against the sheet. She films from her chest down. In the inverted image, she sucks on an object.

She arches her back on the bed, the camera inverting the image again. In the grainy blue, she runs her hand over her face, putting her finger around her mouth. In the inverted image, she licks her hand.

Sitting up, she bites the sheet against her face. She runs her hand down the sheet.

On her back, she hugs her body.

She drapes the sheet against her as though it were curtain.

With camera in hand, she puts her hand in her underwear. Stretched out in the bed, she is lit in eggplant with a subtle shadow over her.

She touches her neck and licks the sheet.

In the bathtub, she sucks on her thumb, wearing a lacy black minidress. She bites on some part of her dress. She rests her head on the tub, the tip of her lip in the milky water. She lies back, eyes closed, and immerses almost her entire body. Rain begins to pour inside. Hair drenched and water dripping from her face, she closes her eyes as it stings. She sits up in the tub and sticks out her tongue to get some rain.

Back in the bed, she stares into the camera, lit in grainy blue.

Rating: 3.5/5

Any scandalous lines stay uncrossed. Miley Cyrus implies but she stops before it goes too far. However, even if she did, why does it matter? The video counters slut-shaming by presenting a young, sexually active woman in a long-term relationship filming a video for her boyfriend in the privacy of her home.

A section of society would selectively forget the relationship part of it, labeling her promiscuous and criticism leveling her to a nasty bitch without morals. Neither of it is fair nor is true. However, it’s the assumption people will believe even before watching a minute of the video.

It’s really no one’s place to judge how two adults conduct their relationship. The videos are a way for them to remain intimate while they apart in their long-distance relationship. It’s a compromise, which keeps both their needs met.

Director: Rankin Year: 2013

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