Video Review: Sugababes "Hole In The Head"

Mutya, with smoky black eyes and dangling silver earrings, sings against a dusky background. She points to the camera, with Heidi and Keisha resting their heads near her shoulders.

Mutya dances by some trees on the sidewalk while Keisha performs by a chain-link fence, Heidi poses by a brick wall.

The Sugababes walk into the dive bar with the headlining band. The band members have their arms around the young women’s shoulders. Heidi believes she is with the next big thing in hard rock. Mutya thinks she’s trapped while Keisha seems hesitant. The approach the stenciled painted stage door sign on the building. In his office, the promoter looks on, apathetic and annoyed by the band’s pretense. He eyes Mutya.

As the band plays on stage, the women up front clap and cheer. Mutya watches by the side of the stage, staying by the brick wall further back. Keisha and Heidi remain up front. Heidi nods her head to the music. Keisha smiles.

A band member licks the other member’s guitar. Heidi laughs, thinking it’s cool. Keisha can’t believe he just did it.

Keisha sings, lit in an electric Persian blue, against a black background.

After the show, Keisha, Mutya and Heidi peek behind the curtain and spot the band groping a bunch of groupies. Mutya is aghast, Heidi’s dreams of superstardom die while Keisha plots.

Lit in the electric Persian blue, Mutya points.

A woman gets up on stage, rubbing the lead singer’s thighs. Heidi is ready to scratch the young woman’s eyes out. Keisha thinks the young woman is desperate for attention. Heidi walks up the stage, grabs the young woman and pulls her off the stage. She knocks down her boyfriend’s microphone and throws him into the audience. Mutya grabs her boyfriend by the arm and tosses him. He flails as he reaches the edge. Keisha shoves her boyfriend and leads him off the stage. Mutya turns over the drums. Keisha smashes the guitar against the wall. Heidi slams the guitar against the falling drums. The Sugababes stand on stage, proud.

Rating: 3/5

Heidi, Mutya and Keisha hang out in the local music scene. Weekends are spent at dive bars, catching upcoming bands and then drinking them under the table after the shows.In between, they work on their songs. Heidi is the de facto manager, networking with the bands and getting them backstage. Mutya prefers to write the music and leaves the promoting to Heidi. For Keisha, it’s fun and a way to live a small scale version of her dream. On Tuesday, she’ll go back to cleaning the fitting rooms at the department store.

They became acquainted with a band and all them started dating one another (Heidi said it would be good for name recognition and a great story to tell the local press). Mutya, though, seems to be over it and going along with it for the sake of her career. Although she wishes she were dating the cute cook at her day job at the restaurant. Keisha believes they are pretentious and aren’t going anywhere but holds her tongue due to Heidi. Heidi, who is absolutely in love with the lead singer, thinks the rumors and backstage antics are overblown. “It’s a marketing strategy,” she tells her friends when they tell her their suspicions.

When Keisha, Mutya and Heidi discover the band with groupies, they get back at them. It’s Heidi, though, who uses the tenacity  in her Type A personality and destroys most of the stage. At the end, she stands, with her hands on her lips, stronger and possessing a savviness that was lost on her before. She revises their strategy in that moment. From now on, they won’t rely on men to further their careers. She resolves that they will make their own breaks.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2003


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