Video Review: Zara Larsson & Ty Dolla $ign "So Good"

In the bathroom, Zara Larsson fluffs her hair. She turns on the sink and sinks her hands into silver glitter. She scoops up a handful and throws it towards her face.

The glitter lines her lips as though it were lipstick. It sticks underneath her eyes and by her nose. A huge patch of it is on her forehead.

In a kaleidoscope, her face multiples and breaks apart with the song title’s in the center.

Sitting on a bed, wearing a shimmery golden dress, in a nude colored bedroom, she rests her arm near her stomach and then touches her breasts. A row of mirrors behind her reflect the action.

Against a royal blue background, she sits on top of car, denim jacket slumped to her shoulders, a white crop top underneath and fringed short shorts.  The backseat is overflowing with rose petals. Two other people sit in the front and in the back.

In an individual shot, she wears crystal, coke bottle glasses.

The kaleidoscope image multiplies and divides a magenta poodle. The poodle sits on the couch.

Back on the bed, she sits forward, wearing a white corset top, silver knee-high boots and two toned shorts.

At the car, people begin to dance and she walks on the ground.

By a beige wall, lit with a faint spotlight, she and her dancers perform a routine. She wears a black bandeau top, a see-through black robe and cream colored pants.

The roses break and multiply in the kaleidoscope.

In a raspberry painted room, she dances next to cat statue, wearing cobalt blue metallic short shorts, a sequined zebra print top and pistachio green jacket.

On stage, behind a velvet, worn curtain, Ty Dolla $ign raps. Women’s hands touch him all over his body.

Under fuschia light, they hold each other, tilting their heads.

She sits next to Ty Dolla $ign on the couch, wearing a black see-through top with tiny, white flowers sprinkled on it with a black bodysuit underneath.

She stands on the driver’s side of the car, arching her back.

She sits on a mauve colored couch with a neon sign stating “So Good” by it, her finger on her temple.

Rating: 4/5

Given Zara Larsson’s fashion choice, the setting is color coordinated to it, complementing it, giving it another dimension. The well-chosen outfits are inspired by the runway but can be emulated by adding a few extra pieces.

The most eye-popping one, though, is the shimmering golden dress. The nude tones throughout the bedroom subdue the decadence and excess of the dress with its docility. The graceful lush of it imbibes the champagne but doesn’t ever  get drunk.

The bandeau top, see-through black robe  and cream colored pants gets the plain setting of a beige wall. The beige wall allows the outfit to be seen without stereotypes or judgements. separately, the pieces could be considered tawdry. Together, with only the narrow wall, the brazen minimalism of it stands out.

Nonetheless, the casual crop top, fringed short shorts and denim jacket outfit is out of place. Alongside the other outfits, it seems to have been picked out of the bottom of the closet in the handful of clean clothes and thrown together.

Director: Sarah McGolgan  Year: 2017

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