Video Review: Florida Georgia Line & Backstreet Boys "God, Your Mama, And Me"

On his camera phone, Tyler says he’s going to the beach with his wife. Brian Kelley, bundled up in his coat, tells his wife that he loves her. Brian, Howie, AJ and Kevin say they having a romantic night with their wives.

Tyler, carrying a tray with two glasses of drinks, says they dubbed them “honeymoon special drinks.” Brian Littrell is planning to give his wife flowers while Howie has a bucket of champagne in a hotel room. AJ says they are going to the spa.

At a horse stall, Nick says to his wife, who is holding their baby, that the chestnut brown one is hers. Grinning, Kelley says he’s “the luckiest guy on earth.” One of Kevin’s little boys says “I love you” to his mom. At the hotel, Howie has rose petals decorated in the bath tub.

Tyler and Nick walk towards the circle on the sand. Tyler says hello.

Kelley’s wife kisses him in the Jacuzzi.

In a sweatshirt, Tyler walks on the beach as the sun sets. As he approaches his wife sitting on the lounge chair, she kicks her legs in excitement. She turns around when she sees the drinks and finishes her call with her mom. They toast.

In the circle, someone throws in a piece of wood to keep the bonfire going. Tyler plays the guitar as Howie, Kevin, Nick, and Littrell sing in the circle.

At the hotel, Howie’s wife opens the door and sees the rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed. She walks to the bath tub and tells him to call off sound check.

Wearing a poncho, Kelley puts his hand on his chest as everyone continues to sing in the circle.

Nick’s wife waits for the horse to come to her. Then, Nick walks on the beach during the sun set and sings. Nick’s wife kisses the horse. Then, they kiss.

Brian arranges the chairs and the present for his wife. They drive over to the grounds. She kisses him and he puts his hand in front of the camera.

In the backyard, Kevin strings up lights. He puts flowers in a vase and then cuts up onions. His two little boys help. The two little boys get their mom and tell her to open her eyes. She’s amazed.

AJ’s wife blows a kiss. AJ and his kid ride along on the street. His wife waves to the camera.

At the ski lodge, Kelley’s wife reaches for his hand as they walk along the snow path. He cuddles her as they walk.

In the Jacuzzi, Brian’s wife throws a snowball at him and then kisses him.

During dinner, Kevin says how he loves his wife. She covers her face and exclaims “Oh my god!” when he mentions that he’s making her uncomfortable with his gushing.

Rating: 3.5/5

While each man treats his wife to something special, some adolescent crushes may die, though. Not every one is a contender for husband of the year.

Brian Kelley and his wife are the cutest couple, though. Despite being only married for four years, they still have the newlywed glow to them. Kelley melts around her. They are affectionate and loving without being precious.

Nick Carter goes all out and buys his wife a horse. About a million crushes have unearthed themselves as now late twentysomethings have their love rekindled for their favorite Backstreet Boy.

Meanwhile, Brian Littrell keeps it simple. They have a picnic in their backyard. However, he is the most private out of all the couples.  He shows the prep but their actual time is for themselves.

Tyler decides to be casual by making her favorite drink and hanging out at her favorite place with her. They seem like the couple people would call to for a wine tasting and find themselves at the nearest sports bar, eating hot wings while talking about work.

AJ, though, doesn’t really follow through. He says they are going to the spa. But then has his wife film him with their kid. Then, there isn’t anything at all. His wife waves to the camera. It’s unfortunate that she gets cheated out of her surprise and seems like AJ didn’t want to do anything after all. He decided her time would be away from the kid and him.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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