Video Review: The Cover Girls "We Can’t Go Wrong"

Inside a pitch black church, Margo lights her candle. then Caroline and Angel.

Lit in a powder blue, a little boy reads on the window sill.

Against an autumn background, Margo and Caroline sing by two evergreen trees. Angel stands in the center of two trees, leaves falling into her hair.

In the sepia toned forest, a group of kids run. A little girl sits up against the wall, her hand on her chin, upset. A little girl puts her finger to her lips, telling her baby brother to be quiet.  Two boys, of different races, stand together and smile. Another girl looks out the window.

A group of kids run into a school. They solve problems on the chalkboard. They jump inside the gym. Two young brothers hug. A teenage girl joins her friends and they walk together, arms around each other. A little girl turns the page of her book.

Against a royal blue curtain, Angel sings on a stage. Margo and Caroline join her.

A little girl and her brother run in the sepia toned forest.

A boy in the choir lights in his candle and then passes it along. A group of kids stand in a circle, praying. A baby girl cries.

In a powder blue room, a little girl tries to coax a boy into talking to her. A boy and girl smile at another. Back in the forest, a group of kids plant a tree.

In the church, the children’s choir sings the chorus.

A boy’s mother helps him with his homework.

The curtain falls from the window of the church, letting the sun light shine inside. Everyone begins to sing towards the window.

Rating: 2.5/5

The next generation of children can’t be dismissed. Parents and guardians need to look out for them and take care of them. The boy and girl are close friends now. However, in their teen years, classism may tear them apart. The baby girl crying has an entire future in front of her. As she ages, she needs to be taught that kindness is a virtue, not a weakness.

The little boy reading by his window sill needs to have his love of his knowledge nurtured and be encouraged to go to college. The reality of cost may prevent it.

Children are an important part of society. Unfortunately, when adults see them as pawns or a nuisance, they are the ones who deal with the consequences. The video, though, is no different. It uses children as a way to make a political statement and shame adults into good behavior.

As adults watch it, they are supposed to think of themselves as children, full of innocence and welcoming of anyone until they were taught to hate or told to stay away from someone for a petty reason.

The only adults featured are the group and two mothers, both of whom are assumed to be looking out for their children’s best interests. Although the little boy, whose mother is helping him with his homework, prefers to think it through on his own after she gave him a wrong answer. Other than the band, adults are considered useless.


Director: N/A Year: 1989


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