Video Review: G-Eazy & Marc E. Bassy "Some Kind Of Drug"

At about 3 am, G-Eazy rounds the corner. He glances at the young woman sitting next to him in the car. She looks back and puts her hand on her forehead.

Lit in pacific blue light, he thinks of blonde haired women he slept with recently and then he remembers last night with the young woman next to him, comparing the experiences in his mind. They continue to drive in silence.

The screen goes black and fades into him walking between Greek columns connected to a building.

In seafoam light, a second young woman touches her body in a bathtub. Lit in an admiral blue, he watches her as he leans on the wall.

Against a mustard tiled wall, Marc E. Bassy sings.

Back in the car, the first young woman looks to G-Eazy for some notice. He glares at her and she turns her head away.

The second young woman gets out of the bathtub and pulls her hair up while she looks in the mirror. G-Eazy sits on chair and continues to watch her. He comes up behind her and they begin to have sex.

In the pacific blue light, he has sex with the blonde woman.

In his bed, he has sex with two women.

In the building, the first young woman stands at one of the columns, watching walk away. He stares back at her.

The second and third young women stand by the columns. He looks down at the ground. Three other women stand by the columns as he walks away.

Rating: 0/5

G-Eazy can’t wait to be rid of the first young woman. It’s as though she asked for a second date and he fumbled for an answer, then made up for an excuse for her to leave. He speeds to get her home and doesn’t even talk to her. She’s hoping for some of acknowledgement.

With the exception of the first young woman, the others seem to know it’s a one-night stand and won’t lead to anything. G-Eazy is another notch for them. They’ll compare stories and find out about the next upcoming rapper.

Nonetheless, the first young woman realizes she was used.The next morning, it’s as though she was the clingy one, saying that she could see a relationship with him and after the tour, they will get together again. She wants to hold him accountable for all his promises the night before. But he can only resent her for asking him to act like a decent human being.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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