Video Review: Heart "Never"

Nancy, seen from the legs down, dances on stage. A sheer curtain flies in front of Ann. With her back towards the camera, wearing a gold jacket, Nancy bounces as she plays the guitar. She plays on stage while the rest of the band plays around her.

On the other side of the stage, Ann sings into her microphone.

Inside a barn, Nancy faces the camera some faint rays of sun light stream in through a broken part of the wall.

On the crimson lit stage with hanging curtains, Nancy jumps as she plays the guitar. She rips one of the curtains down and Ann bobs into the frame.

Against a faded crimson curtain, Ann points to the audience as she sings.

Nancy continues to play in front of the band, bounces backward between the crimson curtains and looking through the barn.

Netting falls over the band as they perform, which includes Ann at this point.

Against a royal blue background, Ann sings.

Ann sings in the barn, the light obscuring her eyes and some of her face. She breaks down the wall, leading to the stage. Nancy kicks her leg in the air.

The ivory curtain flows in the front of the entire band as they play.

Against a beige curtain, a silver silhouette of Nancy kicks the air with her leg as Ann’s face is shown inside. The curtain melts against the screen. Then, Nancy splits into two silhouettes.

Nancy plays in her guitar while on the right corner, Ann sings in her triangle, which cuts off part of her face.

Ann and Nancy sing at the microphone together. Animated netting falls over them.

Ann remains obscured in the barn.

Rating: 2/5

Ann Wilson stands still, focusing on getting the notes right and intent on reaching the audience.While Ann takes a measured approach, Nancy Wilson’s salty exuberance challenges those who believes she’s only a pretty face with minimal talent.

However, the video pits the two sisters against each other. Ann, being separated from the band for the first half of the video, is similar to viewing an unpopular character on a television show slowly get phased out and never being spoken of again. Meanwhile, the camera seems to have to be peeled away from Nancy’s poses and bouncing.

To see Ann being passed over in favor of her blonde and skinny sister adds a cruel layer to the video. Ann seems to be resigned to it while Nancy scorns the stereotyped placed on her. Nonetheless, they do what have to do to keep their jobs.

Director: N/A Year: 1985


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