Video Review: Lisette Melendez "Together Forever"

Lisette Melendez leans against a part of her friends’ porch. She sees her boyfriend and says “it’s about time.” She hands him a compact disc.

Against a neon green background with an chain-link fence, she and her boyfriend dance.

Back by the house, she watches her friends dance on the steps. She laughs.

Against a plain neon green background, she and two other dancers perform a routine.

Against a red background, two dancers perform. Then, she sings by herself.

Back to the neon green background, she dances by herself.

Against a blue background, a man watches her perform the routine on stage with the two other dancers.

Against the neon green background, her boyfriend dances by himself.

The man with glasses approaches her and she steps off the stage, which is red.

She pouts against the blue background. Then dances by herself against the green and red background.

The stylist clears off the rack in the dressing room. As she sits on the vanity, the stylist offers her some choices. She rejects the jackets. He puts a dress near her and she puts hands up. She puts a baseball cap on and walks out.

Her boyfriend dances alone against the red background.

At a restaurant, her boyfriend pulls up her chair and she sits. She puts her hands on her chin. He pours champagne into a glass for her. She shakes her head and leaves.

She sings by the restaurant as people wait in line to be seated.

Leaning against a car, she kisses her boyfriend.

He puts his arm around her shoulders and they walk down the street.

Rating: 1/5

The plain background screens seem to be filled in with highlighters. There isn’t any consistency with the shading of the colors, either. The blue and green are blinding bright while the red is darkened, as though person used a marker instead and was too busy talking and forgot it was supposed to light.

The narrative is all over the place. First, it’s constant dancing. Then, it’s at a photo shoot followed by a dinner date and finally, hanging out with the boyfriend in the street. However, nothing pleases her. The outfits may not have been her style. However, walking out of the dressing room is unprofessional. During the dinner date, she simply walks out on the guy after he pulls out the chair for her and gives her champagne. He’s being chivalrous and seemed to have an enjoyable evening planned . For her to leave with a “no,” is rude and demoralizing to the guy.Context is needed in the scene to provide some answers as to what the issue was.

Director: N/A Year: 1991


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