Video Review: Daft Punk "One More Time"

A star twinkles in an animated sky. It bursts and travels to a neighboring planet. Cascading past some fiery branches, a distant planet and several stars sparkling a mountainous range of rose pink.

To the left is a planet with rings which is currently orbiting. Translucent rings crisscross like an above ground transportation system. On stage, an aquamarine man sings at the keyboard.

Music booms at a  club, in the shape of a spaceship, as some of the citizens of the planet enjoy their night. The band plays. Families dance and people put their hands up in the air, clapping. The lights above spiral, changing to green, pink, red and yellow.

The female guitarist, with her aquamarine skin, plays the guitar in her spotlight moment. The bass guitarist, in his moment, plays, with his back towards the audience.

In the suburb, the lights are on in the spaceship homes. A family watches the band perform on the circular television built into the wall. On the balcony, the grandparents dance with their grandchildren.

The stage goes dim. On screen, a little boy cheers as he held by his parents. A friend rests her head on her praying friend’s arm.

The band pauses. From their point of view, the people have become aquamarine dots. The keyboardist sings. The lights change his skin to a neon green. The band members get their spotlight moments again. The female guitarist looks up to the sky from her home. She lets the wind blow through her hair.

Located in a tower, security is watching the performance. Sailing through the sky is a fiery ball. As they rock to the music, the map behind them shows the ball on its radar screen. One of the workers has the wide screen set to the performance. Meanwhile, the rocket surveys the actions of the planet.

From a yellow beam of light, three rocket ships fly from underneath and head towards the planet. On the radar screen, it shows the rocket ship is close. On the ship. the men, wearing gas masks with glowing eyes, wait for their orders. One ship stops at the tower while the other two surround the club. They fall from the sky. People continue to dance.

On the roof of the club, the gas masked men run across, carrying their guns.

Inside the control room, one of the men takes a sip from his cup. He notices the red dots on the radar screen and runs. The gas masked men wait for them at the exits. The bottle crashes to the floor, turning blood red.

Rating : 5/5

On the content planet, the citizens have no cause to worry. The security people watch over them, taking care of threats. They dance inside their homes, viewing a popular music show. Some attend the taping. The entire planet stops for the show. Peaceful and fulfilled, the residents live their lives devoid of violence. No one realizes they are there and in turn, it has made them complacent in their safety.

However, a military from another planet plans a takeover. They have spied on them, realizing their flaws. Security believes nothing will happen and focuses on the local entertainment. People care about what’s on television and are certain to watch it from scheduled times. News is considered boring, considering nothing really happens. The military sees it as an opportunity to grab power.

The gut wrenching video ends right the military is set to embark. However, on the innocent planet, citizens will be killed and held captive for their optimism and naiveté while the attack will change them forever. From now on, they will live in fear, believing they will be terrorized again.

Director: Leiji Matsumoto Year: 2000


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