Video Review: Rihanna "Love On The Brain"

Rihanna sits in a rectangular bath tub as people concealed against a white screen observe her. She sees the people cluster in shadow. She looks to the left, then to the right. She submerges her body in the tub, with the exception of her head. A little girl wearing a golden crown over her eyes becomes visible through the screen. She lifts her head up and violet coloring begins to fill the bath tub. The screen fades to black.

She marches through a royal blue hallway, wearing a matching suit. Men line up for her, waiting. She sees the little girl wearing a golden crown at the end. The room lights up and she puffs up her chest. The men gather and follow her. After a few steps, they take a deep breath. She walks up to a platform where she sees her face on three screens. The screen fades to black again.

She steps into a female executive’s office. The smiling older woman points to her right. Rihanna eyes her, wondering if she should believe her and then opens the golden doors. She sees men punching buttons on the machines. She turns to her left and sees the little girl wearing the golden crown again. The little girl hands her crown. Rihanna puts it on her head. The screen fades to black again.

In a darkened room, she looks around, seeing a door. She picks the lock and enters. There, the men from earlier, guarding a bedroom. They make way for her to get through. She touches the cell phone and walks toward the bed, where two little girls sleep. She lies down next to him, staring at the night sky through the window.

Rating: 4/5

Rihanna would have visions of a little girl wearing a golden crown from time to time. She didn’t know what it meant and tried to forget them, letting them pass through her mind. One day, though, she suffered a vision in public and was captured.

She found herself awake in a lab, sleeping in a bath tub. Every day, people would view her actions through the screen. It was then she realized she had powers and the visions were trying to guide her.

She does what they expect and submerges herself in the bath tub. She sees the little girl and knows it’s time to escape. The military sees her as their leader, believing she is the lost queen. She leads them and on screen, she discovers her history.

Ready to reclaim her throne, she visits a business, who likely had ties to her capture and kidnapping. She looks inside a room to find men punching in symbols. The little girl materializes becoming real and hands over the crown.

As queen, she is led to a door, which opens to two little girls in a white room. Their toys tilted on even sheets on the ground. They lie amongst the death. Rihanna comforts them, wishing she could’ve gotten there sooner to end the civil war going on in her country.

The video builds on the album artwork, creating a story for it. The little girl with the crown becomes a symbol for unrealized potential and growth. The dots (seen within album’s booklet) represent the language, inderscenible and ever changing, one cannot figure out.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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