Video Review: Alannah Myles "Black Velvet"

Alannah Myles puts the needle on the record.

In concert, the lights go on and she is ready to perform with her band.

Back at her ranch home, she leans against the railing on her porch. Sitting on the chair next to her is her  blond guitarist, wearing boots with silver spurs, playing the guitar.

She arrives home and slides off her horse. As she walks to the steps of the porch, the wooden fence has posts tipping over. A vintage car is off to the side, parked on the lawn. She leans against the railing, in black leather pants and a white blouse.

During the concert, she sits on the amplifier, wearing a studded black leather jacket and leather pants, singing.

Back on the porch, her blond guitarist puts his foot on the railing as he plays.

On stage, she sings to her drummer. She bows and the packed stadium roars with cheers.

She sits on the porch railing, singing as her blond guitarist continues to play.

She sings next to the brunette guitarists, who stares at her. She dances near the the center of the drum set, shaking her hair. She taps her leg on the amplifier, keeping in time with the music.

Back on the porch, she sits on ground by her guitarist and puts her head down.

At night, she gets off the horse and goes inside the house. A patch of light shines on the house.

On stage, she kicks her legs on the amplifier. She pounds her feet on the steps, watching the band play below. She jumps off the platform and joins the band. While she sings, she falls to her knees. In the corner, she smiles as she watches the keyboardist play. She rests her head on her blond guitarist’s chest and then his arm.

She walks into the house, the sun light fading and up the stairs as the blond guitarist plays on the porch.

Rating: 2/5

The fog has lifted from the morning. Down the street, the roads remain bare and she hasn’t seen a person for miles. She rode her horse through the woods and stopped at the local store for a drink. When she came home, she saw her blond guitarist playing on the porch, working on a song.

She decides to sit with him and figure out the lyrics. Goosebumps dot her arm as the humid air meets with the chill within her body.

Meanwhile, in concert, she is sultry and flirty, connecting with each band member as she sings to them. Her brunette guitarist seems to be nursing a crush while she and the drummer are friendly, keeping it to banter.  However, it’s the blond guitarist who she drapes herself against. He continues to play, comfortable with her beside him as they perform for a sold out crowd in the city.

The ranch, which is underused, seems to be placed in the southern United States (it’s actually Canada), has torn porch railing, a vintage car and a sleepy porch. In the small town, everyone knows she’s trying to become a singer. Serene and in the middle of nowhere, she can dream of bigger things while honing her skills in dive bars.

However, the quiet is interrupted by the raucous concert. She has become a seasoned performer with stories from the road. She has outgrown the ranch and has traveled the world several times. The ranch, which once offered solitude and clear thinking, is quaint for her now.

Director: Doug Freel Year: 1989


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