Video Review: Colbie Caillat "Brighter Than The Sun"

An ivory mansion stands on a hill, with palm trees and some brush along the path. Colbie Caillat, takes in the gentle sun in the backyard, overlooking the water.

Inside the home, she relaxes on the beige couch with burgundy painted walls.

After dinner, a crowd of people dance in the garden. A few let go of some balloons. Plants line the fence.

Earlier in the day, someone planted a fern while other another person trimmed the grass. A palm tree drops some moisture onto the ground. She sings among the daisies.

She joins the people in the garden, singing and dancing with them.

Someone rolls out some new grass to plant. A couple of people smooth the tendrils, ensuring there are no bumps.

She sits on a bed made of grass. People clap their hands by her as she sings.


Someone waters the lilies resting on their beds in their pool. A drip of water falls from the a faucet. Another person takes some mud and squishes it in their hands.

She walks towards the swing and twirls. Behind her, a tree is overflowing with oranges.

Someone wipes off some dirt from a ledge and people begin to place pots on it. She sits on the swing, watching someone carry a potted plant. A guitar is decorated with flowers. Someone rakes the grass. A teenage girl runs her hands over the flower bed.

She continues to sing in the garden, the sun gracing her face.

Rating: 3.5/5

Nature is abused by society, taken for granted and considered limitless.  Citizens are poisoned by their water and forced to clean themselves with bottled water, unable to trust they are drinking something that won’t kill them in the future. National parks are being sold by the piece, their beauty soon to be decimated for profit. Meanwhile, unseasonably warm weather during the winter in the Midwest and New England states causes the media and scientists to tiptoe around the phrase climate change.

The lovely garden featured in the video is tended to with the utmost affection.  The grass is rolled out as though it were new carpet and patted down. A team of people work on it on throughout the weekend. For them the garden is a source of its pride, not only for its delicate form but for the food it provides everyone. A supple orange tree  is planted next alongside crooked bell peppers and thriving green beans plants grow in their tower as the daisies bloom. It’s as much for the eye as it is the body.

Clean and bohemian, it promotes health, creativity and teamwork while helping to build lasting friendships.

Director: N/A  Year: 2011

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