Video Review: Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa "Scared To Be Lonely"

A speck of light shines and then passes Martin Garrix as he stands on the slate gravel.

Inside a home, a dim lamp illuminates Woman #1 standing in the dark, a sheet around her shoulders.

Meanwhile, in the early morning, Woman #2 sits by the open door in the shadows. In bed, Woman #3 looks up at the ceiling.

Lit by beige light, Dua Lipa sings in the forest.

In the shower, a couple has sex.

A man brushes his hand against a woman’s hand.

Lit in amaranth red, a couple has sex in the car.

At night, Garrix walks the steep hill, the spotlight following him.

Light shines through a window of a house in the middle of the woods.

Woman #3 rolls over to the left. In the house, a man sits on the chair, breathing the cold air. He wipes the bathroom mirror, his girlfriend glancing over her shoulder at him. Woman #3 sits up in bed.

Garrix walks the trail.

Woman #3 grips the sheet in her fist. Her boyfriend puts his hand on hers.

The woman sits in the chair as the man who slept over last night leaves her home.

Lit in an azure blue, the man looks down onto the ground.

A woman holds onto a man. Meanwhile, in the car, a woman picks at her fingers while the man looks at her. The young woman stands alone in shower. Woman #3 looks at her boyfriend, still sleeping. A woman touches the man’s shoulder and he turns around.

Rating: 1/5

Indistinct lighting, intending to be the feelings of desolation and hopelessness, hides the  characters’ expressions for most of the video. While the actual setting be seen, with color providing a guide as to the intention, only side of the couples’ point is view seen, cutting off another perspective.

The exception, though, is the couple who have sex in the car. The man sits blankly, staring at the window while the woman refuses to meet his eyes and focuses on her nails instead. With red as the color, it’s lust they are experiencing. They don’t have any intention of getting to know each other. Otherwise, the people live to exist.

The one person who seems to be trying to feel something is Woman #3, who stares at her boyfriend as he sleeps. Even she, though, can only hold the sheet to her sheet to her chest and wonder how much longer she can lie to herself.

The repetition, though, is based on who reveals the most skin. The couple in the shower is seen multiple times, offering nothing but their bodies. It isn’t until more than halfway through that it’s discovered the man in the shower was also sitting on the chair.

Nonetheless, it’s Dua Lipa,lit in beige light in an unfinished house, who stands out. She hasn’t given into the sorrow burdening the other characters. She still wants to feel every emotion, even if it crushes her for a month. She realizes the devastation won’t last long and can pick up the pieces one by one without breaking.

Director: Blake Claridge Year: 2017

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