Video Review: Stella Soleil "Kiss Kiss"

As the Earth rotates, its mountains become a pool of aqua paint, dripping into the atmosphere.

On the royal blue tinted beach, Stella Soleil walks on the sand.

Gliding past the mountains and ocean, a man rides his horse on the sand. She dances on the beach as man riding his horse gets closer to her. The man sits on a rock, playing a guitar. She pulls her hair up into a ponytail. The man continues ride his horse as storm clouds cluster in the sky.

In a cave, lit powder blue, she sings into the camera as people dance around a bonfire. A wrinkled man with a beard plays the guitar. A woman touches a man’s bare chest.

The camera glides past the mountains and ocean again.

She sings from on top of a rock as the waves crash against the mountain. She puts her hands over head, glancing over her shoulder as she walks on the beach.

Rating: 0/5

The pall over the ocean sours the serenity of the beach. As Stella Soleil dances, she keeps her head as possible to the camera, covering up the landscape. She waits for the man on a horse to arrive. The man doesn’t ever rescue her. He continues to ride his horse on the beach, elusive to her. It’s as though he’s avoiding meeting her.

Amidst the doom, is a storm threatening to touch land. She has reached the point where she doesn’t care. She will stand on a rock to get someone to see her even if it means the risk of falling into the water and drowning during a storm.

The video takes a nihilistic point of view  regarding love. There is no passion or desire behind it. The person she kisses next will be the one who gives her attention. It does contradict itself inside the cave when the woman touches the man’s chest. A longing exists between them as they attempt to bridge their unspoken bond.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 2001

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