Video Review: Lindsay Lohan "Rumors"

A helicopter flies overhead a building in Los Angeles, tracking celebrities. In a parking garage, a group of paparazzi surround the car, snapping photos of Lindsay Lohan as she walks to her truck with her bodyguard. The bodyguard opens the door for her and she gets inside.

On the right side of the parking structure, she smirks as she gets inside another car, effectively tricking the paparazzi. The first truck drives off with paparazzi chasing after it. Policemen on motorcycles follow behind them. In the second truck, she puts her hand on her face, hiding her eyes as her driver makes a left out of the structure. She looks out the window to check if anymore paparazzi suspected something.

Her driver drops her off at another building in the city. There, she takes the elevator. As she waits to reach her floor, she leans against the bar and dances. She hits the security camera with her fist.

Down the narrow hallway, she walks, pulling up her hair. She looks into a camera, flashing hot pink light, as she continues walking.

Once inside the club, she takes a photo and begins to dance. She takes a photo of a gorgeous guy, who turns around to see where the flash came from. They smile at one another.

She passes through a shredded curtain to the VIP lounge. She sees the guy sitting on the couch. She cups his chin while staring into the camera, which light turns an infrared kelly green. They make out.

At the club, she dances inside a golden bird cage. She sits on the swing. Then, wearing aviator sunglasses, she dances some more with the people. An hour later, she exits the club with her bodyguards as paparazzi snaps photos of her.

The helicopter flies overhead as she and her dancers perform a routine on the landing pad.

Back on the landing pad, she shields her face from the paparazzi and runs for the helicopter. She takes off and watches the scene below. She drops her camera out the window.

Rating: 4/5

The “Rumors” video takes what would amount to be a blurb in a Seen & Heard section of a gossip magazine and adds some action to it. The paparazzi flank Lindsay Lohan, taunting her and shouting out questions, wanting confirmation of stories they have heard.

Then, she affirms most stories about her at that time and heads for the clubs. She dances and makes out with random men. She parties until the early morning.  The one part lacking truth is her walking out the club without assistance as she stumbles.

While it doesn’t bother her to be seen as promicious or reckless, her drunkeness seems to be the sensitive spot. In the club, there are aren’t any cups nor a bartender serving them behind a counter. It’s as though alcohol doesn’t even exist and the mere implication could cause a downfall. An unusual detail, given champagne and liquor flow in club scenes as the waves on the sand.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2004


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