Video Review: Twenty One Pilots "Heavydirtysoul"

Tyler slumps in the backseat of a car as it drives down the road.

In the middle of the road, Josh sits at his drum set, his eyes closed.

At about 10 pm, the car careens around the corner.

Tyler opens his eyes and looks around, trying to figure out where he is. The car speeds down the road, with Josh in the backseat.

Josh begins to play the drums.

The left back wheel of the truck sparks, grinding against the tire. The tire rolls off into the road, piercing Tyler’s window with holes. He moves his head to the side to avoid getting hit.

The car, aiming for Josh, moves to the right lane at the last second. Tyler glances behind him and puts his hand on his chest, relieved. The tire smacks the drum set. It burns as Josh continues to play.

Back in the car, the side of the car sparks. Smoke hovers around the engine. Tyler puts his head against the seat as the car aims for Josh again. Karma drives the car and then disappears. The doors fall off the car, one by one.

Josh hits the drum with the sticks, starting a fire. Tyler stands up in the car. As it turns into night, the car is still on the same loop. As it heads for Josh again, Tyler jumps off. Tyler watches the car explode. He sings by Josh. He puts his down as the car burns.

Rating: 1/5

Tyler Joseph should’ve been dead by now. He has told numerous lies, stolen a few items and placed his self interests above his own, affecting someone’s livelihood in the process. Each time he has been able to recover without consequence.

Now, Karma is testing him: would he save himself at the expense of his bandmate? Some people in the industry have been whispering in his ear about a solo career. Karma pretends to kill Josh, which worries Tyler. After passing the purity test, Karma lets him live, giving him only seconds.

However Karma is also dressed as Death, wearing black robes with its face hidden. Are Karma and Death the same creature? Also, the car speeds on a continuous loop, placing Tyler in Hell and having him relive his decision over and over. It’s unclear whether Tyler is the danger is real or if it’s an alternate universe.

Leaving the car driverless would’ve maintained the ambiguity. The stereotype of a figure wearing a dark hooded robe stands for Death and the story changes itself mid-way through. It’s as though a new narrator dropped in suddenly, whom the audience hasn’t ever met, and begins to explain the plot, even though it’s already been established.

Director: Andrew Donoho  Year: 2017

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