Video Review: Jennifer Paige "Crush"

In the early evening, Jennifer Paige and her boyfriend stand by the swing, which is attached to a tree.  She twists the seat, hanging her head out.

While in the car, she peers into the rearview mirror at his best friend as she cuddles with her boyfriend in the front seat. He kisses her hair and she meets the gaze of his best friend who meets her glance again in the mirror.

His best friend maneuvers himself into a comfortable position. She leans over and glances at him again, laughing. His best friend’s gilfriend snuggles next to him in the backseat.

They make a stop at the car wash. Her boyfriend wipes off his car and she tells him she’s going inside. Miffed, he responds “what?”

At the restaurant, her boyfriend puts his arm around her neck as they sit in the booth. His best friend whispers into her ear.She sips her drink. He takes a forkful of food. They cheer to their friendship. His best friend whispers into her ear again. Her boyfriend cups her chin and turns her face towards him. One of his friends begins to notice what’s going on and gives Paige a judgemental look. They leave.

Her boyfriend wraps his arms around her and kisses her. She seems annoyed by his affection. Meanwhile, his best friend carries his girlfriend and spins around.

Her boyfriend pushes her on the swing, She hangs her head over again, the lake below her. She and his best friend exchange another glance in the rearview mirror.

Rating: 3.5/5

Two more months. It’s as long as the relationship between Jennifer Paige and her boyfriend has before the drama explodes, ripping apart decades-long friendships and causing divisions within the circle.

Paige is checked out and would rather be with someone else. Her boyfriend’s nice but they’ve only been dating for two months and he’s already talking about their possible kids. However, she gets along really well with his best friend and he seems interested, despite having a girlfriend.

His best friend senses his discomfort in the car. When they get to the car wash, she leaves him to go inside and it nearly causes a fight to break out. At dinner, though, he hangs onto her, hoping to keep her attention. The tension is apparent at the table as she and his best friend openly flirt at the table. A triangle is forming and the things are getting complicated. It’s her boyfriend who is going to up the drama, claiming she led him on when she simply lost interest.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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