Video Review: Migos "T-Shirt"

The wind howls an orchestral chorus as Quavo, Offset and Takeoff trek through the bitter snow. Kept warm by the heavy fur coats, they use as their ice picks as they hike the mountain. An older man blows on the fire he made. He places a tarnished copper can (with a Pyrex measuring cup in the middle) and cooks dinner.

Migos enter a white tent. The older man coughs and grunts when he sees them. Takeoff throws a bag towards them while Quavo states, “Seventeen five, same color t-shirt.”

They leave the tent and begin to rap outside of it. Quavo waves his finger. As Takeoff raps, three women stand behind them on snowmobiles. The young blonde woman watches Takeoff as he makes a steering motion with his hands. Quavo shoots off an arrow. Takeoff drives the snowmobile with young blonde women riding with him.

With Quavo, Takeoff and Offset sitting on snowmobiles and the women behind them, placing their hands on their shoulders, they pose for a group shot. Quavo shows off his rings and watches. Quavo exhales, smoke coming out of his mouth. The older man tends to the fire.

In the evening, they relax in the cabin. A brunette young woman sits on the couch, stirring her hot cocoa and sips it. Quavo raps by his skins, which hang on a makeshift stand of branches. A husky puppy cuddles on the couch with the group.

Inside the home, the blonde woman pops a roasted marshmallow into her mouth. The group stands in the cabin.

Rating: 4.5/5

Migos are on the hunt. They have a debt owed and need to pay. After nabbing some kills, they were able to repay the old man back. The old man, crazed by the cold and hunger, sees the money and returns to his fire. Prolonged loss of oxygen has caused him to forget.

As a reward, they are given a cabin and women. Their women hang out with them, decked out in fur coats also. They support them in their hunt and spend the rest of the weekend relaxing.

Migos have braved the elements. For several months, they tracked and spent time away home, searching for the animals. Surviving on the basics was necessary and they had to do what was needed to keep warm. In return, they attained wealth. However, the animals’ screams with thunder in their ears. They had to detach themselves from the wildlife and remember their purpose with each arrow struck. The puppies in the cabin, loving and innocent, once a comfort, cause a shallow ache inside them.

Director: DAPS & Quavo Year: 2017

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