Video Review: 3LW "No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)"

As Naturi drives, Adrienne stays between the two seats while Kiely sits in the passenger’s side. She asks Naturi to stop at the subway. She explains that something seems off to her. Kiely gets out of the car to watch her boyfriend holding hands with another girl while they take the steps down to the subway. Kiely waves her hand, saying she’s had enough. Naturi and Adrienne exchange worried glances. They lean against the railing, singing.

Naturi drives them to Kiely’s house. Kiely slams the door and runs inside. She finds a stuffed animal he gave her and throws it in to the garbage. Meanwhile, her boyfriend is triple dating with his friends. Her neighbor, a male classmate, wonders what happened and watches them as they drive off again.

Kiely throws his varsity jacket out the car window. Kiely’s classmate spray paints the pavement, drawing a picture of the three young women. He’s stunned to see the figures pop out of the pavement and turn into the group. They sing and dance.

On the weekend, Adrienne remembers when they all triple dated with their boyfriends. They decide to watch a pickup basketball game in the park, where Kiely’s boyfriend is playing. However, it only upsets Kiely, who is not ready to confront him yet.

The group and some dancers perform a routine at the subway station.

Kiely’s boyfriend and the girl leave the arcade. He sees her as he walks down the stairs and unlocks his hand from the girl. He holds onto her elbow as she listens to his excuses. She tears his arm away and leaves him. Kiely waves as they lean against the railing.

Rating: 0/5

The cardboard cutouts of 3LW that pop out of the pavement, with everlasting grins, stand still before it turns real. The young man, who was spray painting, was brave, considering he didn’t run off screaming. The unnerving pause seems as though they are going to attack them with spiked lipsticks out of their pockets.

The fashion, while not terrifying, mangles the denim washes, combining them all. Kiely’s patchwork jeans with some tears in them is several different shades of denim. Unfortunately, it seems as though she sewed whatever was left and created a hybrid pair of jeans. Adrienne doesn’t fare much better. Her jeans are bleached up to the thigh, as though they were short shorts and then dyed dark blue from the bottom down. Naturi has an acid washed skirt with spots of bleach on it and some fringe. It seems to be a skirt over a pair of dark denim jeans. With a pair of leggings, it would feasible. However, it’s a skirt over jeans, which is redudant.

During the cardboard cutout scene, the outfits have improved. Naturi wears a lavender jacket with a white top underneath and black capris with studs on the sides. Adrienne wears a pink halter top with a v cut and black leather pants. Kiely, though, is the exception. She wears a monotone turquoise halter top and matching pants, which if it weren’t for the midriff, could double for brightly colored plastic wrap.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2000


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