Video Review: The 1975 "A Change Of Heart"

In black-and-white, a male mime walks toward the center of the carnival. A female mime watches him from afar. Hands in pockets, he puts his head down. He cheers himself up by dancing.

The female mime, intrigued, joins him. He waves hello to her. They run to the bumper cars. They chase each other around, knocking into each other and laughing. He presents her with a flower and she smiles.

They meet their hands together, realizing they are similar. He buys some popcorn and throws some to her to catch in her mouth. Excited for the game, she rubs her hands together. At a game, she points a toy gun and fires it at the target. They lean on each other. He attempts to perfect a magic trick.

Then, he scares her from behind one of the games. It shakes her trust in him. As they fire the guns, the gunplay is restrained. She questions the flower he is giving her. He throws all the popcorn onto himself. At the bumper cars, she rolls towards him. He aims the gun towards her and she leaves.

He reassures the flower is okay. Nothing is going to happen. She sniffs it, eyeing him. During the bumper cars, he causes her car to spiral and he raises his hands in victory. He offers her some popcorn. She says no. The flower squirts in her eye. She pushes it away from her, ticked off.

He dances by himself.

She rides in the bumper car by herself. He hangs onto the wire and she tells him to get off. She stomps off. He sits on the bench alone with the rabbit. Next, she slumps on the bench. He sits next to her and she moves to the end.

The lights shut off. He gets an umbrella and puts it underneath her as it rains. She grabs it from him. She leaves. He sits under the lone storm cloud hanging over the bench, blowing out his cheeks.

Rating: 5/5

Told through body language, the relationship between the two mimes deteriorates as the man competes in the relationship with the female. First, he’s considerate and generous, buying her flowers to impress her. When they play games, they joke, forgetting the score. He’s gentle with her, running into her but careful not to hurt her.

Then, one day he decides to pop out from behind one of the carnival games. She thought he wouldn’t do something like that to her. Afterwards, she suspects each one of his actions. If he did once, he would do it again.

Soon, he squirts the flower in her eye, thinking it’s hilarious. During the bumper cars, he gets rough and wants to win all the time. She refuses to acknowledge him. Realizing he screwed up, he tries to talk to her and give her the umbrella. She takes it but leaves in a huff, wanting nothing to do with him.

The man, which he fails to recognize, marginalizes her fear of violence each time he scares her. He exhibits contempt towards her, wanting to be the center of the attention and becomes selfish. He sets it up that one person happy in the relationship is him. He stops listening to her and continues to do what he wants. She figures out there isn’t any reason for her to be there.

Director: Tim Mattia Year: 2016

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