Video Review: Julia Michaels "Issues"

On a shaggy pillow, Julia Michaels turns to the camera with sleepy eyes. Outside, the crisp autumn leaves flail in the wind, landing on the pavement. Under crimson, silk blankets, Julia Michaels and her boyfriend stare at one another.

She sits up in bed, her boyfriend sleeping next to her. She leans against a drawer, thinking she should go. She touches the wall as she passes the kitchen. She walks outside, moving tree limbs out her way.

Last night, they sat across from one another. She put her head on his. He brushed some strands of hair from her shoulder.

Through the window, she relivesthe night over again. She came over to talk to him about hooking up. She runs his hands through his hair. He holds onto to her arm.

She dances around at a party inside the home. Confetti flies in the air. She watches him flirt with another young woman, who is sitting on his lap. She sits in a chair, glass of wine in her hand, laughing. Her boyfriend watches her dance as he sits in the chair, beaming.

She sits up on the bed by herself.

They stare at one another again underneath the sheets.

Rating: 1/5

The vivid colors amidst the cool, fall weather fade, squandered by the chemistry free relationship between Julia Michaels and her (sometimes) boyfriend.

They stare into one another’s eyes, a habit they have acquired after not seeing each other for a while. The years of complication and lust-filled hookups have drained the relationship of any initial heated emotion.

In the company of other people, their gleaming smiles are unable to be contained. He views her with nostalgia, a great friend he likes to sleep with for old time’s sake. She wavers on her feelings for him, wanting to perform for him while spending time with an another guy friend she thinks she kind of likes. But she doesn’t want to make a solid commitment in case her sometimes boyfriend may decide he wants a future.

Neither seems truly ready to let go.  The boyfriend, though, seems to be trying to move on. But she continues to call him and find a reason to keep it going. Years from now, after seeing he is engaged to someone else, she is going to regret the boys she rejected while she waited for him.

Director: Tabitha Denholm  Year: 2017

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