Video Review: Mary J. Blige "No More Drama"

At the bottom on the screen, a woman runs (although her legs are only seen). Added is the middle screen, which shows a muscled man running (only from his chest) and then a another man’s head is connected to it all. The parts separate, with the man’s head slowing down and disappearing, the man’s body is shown in the second screen (with the exception of his head) and the woman continues to run.

A man lies dead on the ground. Blood drains from his head. Friends gather around him, wailing. Mary J. Blige stays in the corner, her head down.

Three separate heads are spliced together on a split screen. It fades, showing the head of the man who has a mohawk. He is an alley, shaking from withdrawals. Track marks are on his arms. She walks down the street.

The split screen divides up into three separate male arms. It fades into the second arm, where the man smacks the face of a woman. As he continues to hit her, Blige stands in the corner, singing. The woman escapes. Blige’s face morphs into the young woman’s, crying. Blige sings in the family room alone.

A man drives up to a house.

A split screen is shown of three heads. However, it stays on the middle man’s face as he heads for the home. He looks right and left. He stops at the porch, tugging at the gun in his pocket. A little boy runs out. The man takes off and gets back into his car.

The young woman packs her suitcase and leaves the apartment. She runs. Blige walks down the street.

The man with the mohawk closes his eyes and sees the flyer “Narco Freedom” posted on the pole. He puts his heads over both ears. The young woman makes a call on the pay phone. The man with the mohawk continues to shake. The young man, with the gun, hits the steering wheel. The man with the mohawk rides on the bus.

Blige stops at an electronics store, where the televisions are on display. All are playing the news. Soldiers carry their guns as the headline reads: “America’s New War.” Then, P.Diddy takes up some of the screen while Mariah Carey is on the bottom row. The screens return to the news.

Blige waves her finger at the screen, a tear in her eye. She wipes her face. The man on the mohawk rides the bus, the man with the gun drives his car while the young woman is another bus.

The screen splits again, showing the man with the gun first, then the mohawk man’s body and then the woman’s legs.

Rating: 2/5

The split screens serve as a shortcut to introduce the  three main characters. However, neither of the body parts connect to another. Nothing lines up, different colors are in three separate screens and it becomes a hodgepodge of images.

However, each person is at a crossroads. All three people have been dealt with major setbacks in their lives. One young man seeks revenge for the killing of his friend. Another man is trying to overcome a drug addiction while the young woman wants out of an abusive relationship.

It is the young woman who succeeds. She finds a suitcase and leaves the apartment in the middle of the night while her boyfriend is working. She calls someone but no one answers. She rides the bus to a shelter. The young man, who was avenging his friend’s death, realizes he doesn’t want to be a murderer. He sees the child and thinks of the future he may have without his father. He doesn’t want to be person who takes it away from the child.

The man, with the drug addiction, wants to stop. He finds a phone number on a flyer. He wrestles with the realization that he has ruined his life and stares blankly out the window. For him, it’s the start of long road to recovery.

Director: Sanji Year: 2002

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