Video Review: The Weeknd & Daft Punk "I Feel It Coming"

Over the mountains, the sky changes from a Parisian blue to an orchid. The Weeknd stands on the base, singing. In stone, a face is uncovered. Its eyes open. Another face is revealed. Its eyes focus on him.

The sun rises. The Weeknd relaxes in part of the mountain, carved as though it were an open coffin. In the searing heat, a woman dances within the sun’s rays. In a golden orange silhouette, she dances on the base. She touches his shoulder and materializes into human form.

A half-moon is in the Parisian blue sky. Past the sparkling stars and the surface of the Earth, the moon slips past the ring of the planet.

A Parisian blue spotlight shines on he and his girlfriend as they dance. The moon, upside down, shrinks to the size of a fingernail. An eclipse covers the moon and she turns to stone. Lightning strikes.

On a split screen, two angles can be seen of him dancing. The first screen pauses as the third one appears on the left, bordering the center angle.

From the magenta clouds, a heavy rain falls. The wind causes the her body, now encased in stone, tips over and breaks. A pink light shines from her toe. The Weeknd flails, his eyes turning slate.

In the curved triple split screen, the Weeknd dances.

He crawls over to her. Midway through, his arm becomes stone. Two other faces are buried in the ground.

The Weeknd dances in another curved triple split screen.

He takes a final breath, his face making the last transition. A snake slithers by, unaffected.

A light snow hits his undisturbed body, his arm still reaching out, shock on his face. A part of his cheek dissipates into a fine powder. Throughout the winter, the snow buries the bodies.

Two robots (Daft Punk) spot a pink light shining through the snow. One of the robots wipes the snow with his gloved hand. A bone fragment can be seen. They glance at each other, noting their discovery. One of the robots points his tablet towards the light. Its color turns darker as the ground shakes.

Rating: 4/5

The mountain, long rumored to be a trap for the lonely, has been on The Weeknd’s bucket list. His fascination with a spot that Sherpas advise others to avoid increases with each warning. Those who travel the mountain don’t return. The unforgiving ground engulfs the bodies, forming them into molds and adding to the mountain.

On the Internet, he had read stories of the woman who appears from the sun. Although dismissed as hallucinations from lack of oxygen from others, The Weeknd believes she is real. Each encounter reads as nearly the same. Though, some didn’t survive. He is willing to take the risk.

He had managed to summon the woman. However, once he witnessed the woman becoming stone, it didn’t register. It happened quicker than he thought. He thought he would have time to fight and escape.

The split screens of him shuffling his feet and snapping his fingers distract from the nightmare going on in the mountain. However, the choice of the curved angle is inventive. When tilted, it adds to the distortion and confusion.

Director: Warren Fu Year: 2017

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