Video Review: Duran Duran "Come Undone"

A blue rope twists and turns, tightening until it unravels.

Blood clouds the water. Underneath shimmering golden light, a woman is dropped into the water, chains around her body.

At the London Aquarium, the fish swim. The band play near the windows.

A woman kisses a man hard on the lips as the blue rope tightens again.

Simon looks into the window, watching the fish.

A little girl holds onto the door wall, listening as her parents fight. Taking her favorite stuffed teddy bear, she hides underneath the bed. She rests her head on her teddy bear and falls asleep.

Underneath the water, the woman is able to remove the chains from her feet. She unties the knots and lifts it upwards.

An older couple sits on a park bench, watching the neighbor’s door float by them. Earlier they had seen most of their clothes drift by. They kiss as the door reaches them.

A man hits a punching bag. A hamburger is smashed, then a doll, and a plastic football.

In a kitchen, a woman puts some powder in a blender. She unscrews the cap of a liquor bottle and pours it in the mixture. She takes a drink.

A man comes home from work. He takes off his jacket and tie. He unbuttons his shirt, Underneath, he’s wearing a black bodysuit.

In the water, the woman takes off her pants.

At the vanity, he puts red lipstick on his lips. He draws a circle on his cheek.

On the street, an explosion occurs.

The woman takes off her top. Underneath, she’s wearing a gray bodysuit. She swims to the surface, the water hot from the fire’s sparks.

The orange rope tears.

Rating: 2.5/5

People, confined by their problems, seek out ways to break through the walls. The older couple has lost everything. Their flooded neighborhood has been deemed a disaster. They don’t want to know where to start. The home, they believed they would die in together, no longer exists. The young businessman fears to tell people his secret. His family will disown him and he could lose his job, if any of his colleagues found out. At the gay bar, he keeps one eye on the guy he likes and another on the crowd,searching for someone he may know.

However, the video leaves some stories vague. the little girl hangs onto the door wall, afraid. Whatever she hears causes her to run underneath the bed. It could’ve been a nightmare or her parents. When the woman pours liquid and some powder into the blender, it can be assumed to be liquor and possibly, cocaine. The details needed to fill in the blanks aren’t given. It can only be assumed what’s going on.

However, the most moving images are watching the various types of fish swim around and around in the tank, unable to go anywhere. Trapped and away from their natural habitat, they depend on the outside for their food. The simulated ocean depriving them of their being. Unbeknownst to them, the humans who visit feel the same way.

Director: Julien Temple Year: 1993


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