Video Review: Cyndi Lauper "Time After Time"

At night, Cyndi Lauper is sitting in her bed, snuggling with a plastic dog, watching the 1936 movie, Garden of Allah. Word for word, she mouths along with the movie as her boyfriend sleeps. Thinking it’s late, she’s turn off the television. She lets the plastic dog give her boyfriend a kiss. She kisses him on the cheek and he rolls over.

She thinks of when he first surprised at her work. He put a bouquet of flowers behind his back and presented them to her. She climbed over the counter and hugged him. Her boss pulled her off of him. On night, she met him at a diner. She rubbed his head and then took off her hat, showing off her newly dyed bright red hair. Her boyfriend doesn’t speak. The whole table stays silent. He says he likes it but she knows he’s only saying it. She runs out the diner. He chases after her but she hides in between the art deco store. She watches the storekeeper sweep. He fades away she reaches to touch him.

She thinks of her mother, telling her to be her own person as she sat at the dinner table when she was about 13 years old. Her mother would always be up, cleaning. She wouldn’t ever stop. She had told her mother that she would be there if she needed her.

Her bag packed, she looks at her boyfriend one last time and leaves. She kicks the door as she leaves, waking her boyfriend. Through the window, he watches her leave and runs outside to kiss her. Then, he helps her pack some more of her things. He drives to his mother’s house. She gives her a hug goodbye.

At the train station, he kisses her on the top of the steps. They hold hands as they walk through the lobby. She tells him she still loves him and it’s only temporary. She asks him to wait for her. They kiss.

Head down, he can’t bear to see her go. She takes a seat inside the train. She bites off her glove and cries. She puts her hand on the window as the train leaves.

Rating: 5/5

One phone call changed Cyndi Lauper’s mind. She had been watching television when she received a call from her mother. Her mother was upset over her foot. “It’s swelling and I don’t know what to do,” her mother explained. She told her that she was worried it could be something else. Lauper said she would take her to the doctor.

After the visit, though, Lauper realized she needed to go back home for a while and take care of her mother. She thought her boyfriend wouldn’t care. They have been dating for about a year and but she didn’t know if he would drop her after finding out. However, he agreed that she was doing the right thing. He lets her go, hoping she returns home.

After their fight over her dyeing her hair, he learned that once she makes up her mind, that’s it. His opinion is important to her, though and if he objected in any way, she would stay. He really does love her and wants the best for her. If she feels her mother needs her, then he won’t interfere.

For Lauper, she and her boyfriend have made a home for themselves. But her mom is still as she has. She couldn’t live with herself is something happened and she got a call from the hospital. Nonetheless, she believes she has two homes now. However, her mom needs her for the time being.

Director: Edd Griles Year: 1984


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