Video Review: Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson "Just Hold On"

The title screen reads “London” and then states the time: 3 am. A young woman leaves the club, after dancing for hours. In a beige tank top, she walks down the street. Feeling a chill, she puts on her jacket. She looks up at the early morning sky, covered with stars. She checks her phone.

She sits on the bench, waiting for the train. She says hello the young man, half-asleep as he waits. She asks him how he’s doing. He offers his sweatshirt. She pulls it on over her tank top. She asks him if he would like to talk some more. They explore the city, passing the street art. She tells him one of her favorite places is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which she visited while in the States. He explains he paints on the side.

They run along the overpass. They cuddle together, freezing but warm at the same time. They walk on a rooftop of a building. The bright, flourescent light catches her now-boyfriend’s eye. He grabs her hand and they fall into a scarlet portal.

She exclaims “wow!,” her jaw dropping at the neon signs. The title screen reads “Las Vegas -8 hrs.” They walk and twirl down the Las Vegas Strip. She takes off her jacket as they enter a club. There, they dance at a Steve Aoki concert. Steve Aoki points to the couple. The confetti falls from the ceiling as they kiss.

At the casino, she plays the slots and wins the jackpot. She screams and celebrates in his arms. After gambling, they decide to visit the Little White Chapel Tunnel of Love. They knock on the glass doors. The man says they are closed. The young woman pleads and puts some of her winnings in the pocket of his tux. The man lets them inside.

Wearing a veil with a baseball cap over it, she waits for her boyfriend. Inside the chapel, the man officiates the wedding. They kiss and run to the motel, Fun City. On the second floor, they steal strawberries from the maid’s cart and search for an unlocked room. She tells him she found one. They enter, kissing and then make love, bathed in scarlet light. A security guard peers through the window with his flashlight. He knocks and they grab their clothes. He storms in and they run out, racing down the stairs.

In the mid morning sun light, they hold hands as they jump into the pool and into another portal. They emerge in a hotel bathtub in “Kuwait +11 hrs,” according to the title card. They find a restaurant and join the two friends sitting next to them in the other booth. After offering them some money, the guy gives the young man his keys.

As he drives, she stands up in the truck, waving her arms. They walk in the desert and press their foreheads together as they view the sunset.

Rating: 5/5

A casual conversation begins a night of adventure and love. While it seems temporary at first, something both would remember and look back on years later. However, during the quiet moment at the overpass their bond becomes permanent.

They travel to Las Vegas and decide to get married. Neither are for long stretches of time dating, waiting for the perfect moment of that one year at Christmas to get engaged. Forgoing the comped room back at their hotel, they opt for a cheap motel stocked with grocery store bottles of liquor to make love.

They live in Kuwait, where she teaches ballet and he works as a chef. As he’s learned, she is the instigator, willing to ask anybody anything. She’s lives her life unafraid and without abandon. He balances her out, remembering to pay the bills and keeping tabs on their visas. They don’t really plan. They live as much as they can, leaving nothing to chance.

Director: N/A  Year: 2017

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