Video Review: Fergie "Clumsy"

A pop-up book opens to Fergie on stage. The audience springs out of their folding chairs as she performs. The page turns to a runway show, where backstage, she’s peeking at her crush, seated in the front row. She hears her cue and walks out with the designers. After she poses, she gives them both kisses on the cheek. Then she trips on the stage. Some people catch her while the people in the front row gasp. Her crush is wondering what’s wrong with her.

Fergie is back on stage, performing and then it flips to a diorama of Fergie driving around a  neighborhood. She checks her makeup with her compact mirror and spots her crush standing on the corner. She does a u-turn, knocking over trees. He comments “wow” to himself as he sees her sitting in her vintage car. She bounces the car up and down. Until it breaks. He walks away, thinking she’s trying too hard.

The page turns to Fergie working at a control center. She’s touching the screen, moving the tabs, causing the robot to dance inside the container. She sees them and begins pressing whatever button without paying attention. A warning blinks.

Back on stage, Fergie performs. She knocks over her background singers with her microphone stand. They bump into the tower and it begins to fold over.

In the control room, she points as she holds onto the airlock warning button. He freezes mid-air and then gets sucked into one of the compartments. She puts her hand on her stomach, grasping what she did.

The page flips to Fergie flying a plane over the Earth.

In another page flip, Fergie is dabbing lipstick on her mouth. She blows a kiss as she films the commercial. Stylists fix her hair and remove lint from her dress. She pushes them away and sits on the ledge. She opens her cell phone and reads the text. Her crush tells her he wants to go out on a date with her. She puts her hand on her forehead, fainting. She falls over the ledge.

The page flips to the bottom half of the city. She lands in her crush’s arms. In the control room, she hangs onto a railing. She and her crush walk down the street, hand in hand. She puts her hand on her heart as the sun sets.

The page turns to its cover.

Rating: 2/5

In theory, the illustrated pop-up book is a fresh idea, playing with dimensions and shape. The creases are seen in the pages as they fold. However, paper has its limits. The fragile medium is stiff all around. The people seem more like dolls cut out of a magazine and the stage may as well be glued together and double taped in the weaker sections.

Although the directors bring the people into the scene, turning the pages into three-dimensional images, it’s clearly computer generated. The conceit that it’s real doesn’t exist. The balance is found when Fergie is in the control room and messes up the buttons. The mostly silver set is a nondescript and neutral room, albeit one with holographic screens as she performs the experiment. After he freezes, though, logic seeps in as each click of the mouse can be seen as he rotates in air.

The video, though, is able to elicit a chuckle or two due to Fergie’s comedic timing. For each situation, she is a different character. She’s the confident and brazen model who takes an unfortunate fall during Fashion Week, sparking rumors of addiction. She’s the overeager young woman trying to get her crush to notice her in vintage car. On stage, she’s the playful performer, unaware she’s wrecking havoc. When it goes wrong, it does seem to be an accident rather than a pathetic plea for attention.

Directors: Marc Webb & Rich Lee Year: 2007

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