Video Review: D.R.A.M. "Cute"

D.R.A.M. walks on the sidewalk, tugging at his suspenders with a wide smile on his face. He enters the toy store. He passes the books and takes note of a plastic game. He steps back, shocked, when he sees a puppet that looks like him.  Still smiling, he picks it up from the rack and raises it in his arms.

Walking back home, the puppet D.R.A.M.  raps a few feet in front of him. The puppet then blows a kiss to a young woman twirling her hair. The young woman puts her hand on her chest, swooning.

On stage, with neon pink and blue lights behind him, D.R.A.M. and the puppet, both wearing identical clothes, rap and dance.

Another young woman waves and a blows a kiss to puppet D.R.A.M. The puppet waves back and stares at her while she continues to walk.

On stage, puppet D.R.A.M. tosses money in the air as the two women dance behind him.

Puppet D.R.A.M. goes out on a date with the first young woman. They eat  hamburgers at a diner. She shares her fries with him. On the date with the second young woman, they sit on his couch, watching D.R.A.M.’s first video, “Broccoli” and eating popcorn. Puppet D.R.A.M. puts his hand on the second young woman’s knee.

At the diner, the first young woman and puppet D.R.A.M. kiss. With the second young woman, the puppet begins to massage her knee. In bed, the puppet lies between the two women.

The puppet gives a rose to a third young woman who walks by him. Meanwhile, a fourth young woman walks with a puppet version of herself. The female puppet gasps. She and the puppet D.R.A.M. meet.

D.R.A.M. and the human young woman go out on a date at the diner. There, they drink vodka. The two puppets sit further away from the counter. At his house, the female puppet hits puppet D.R.A.M., who has fallen asleep on the couch. Human D.R.A.M. and the young woman watch the “Broccoli” video. The female puppet tries to get puppet D.R.A.M. to stop talking. Finally, she kisses him and they make out on the couch.

Against a slate background, the human and puppet version of the fourth young woman dance in identical white teddies. Then, D.R.A.M. and the puppet version of himself dance. The human and puppet version of the fourth young woman dance against the neon pink and blue lights on the stage.

They go back to the toy store and return the puppet version of themselves.

Rating: 2.5/5

D.R.A.M., the puppet, adores women, flirting with anyone who walks by and loves to eat. However, there’s a self-involved side to his personality, having them watch videos featuring the human version of him. He’s the typical adult puppet, who sometimes says off-color things to get a reaction.

There are a few questionable instances of inappropriate behavior in the video: the puppet laying in the bed with the two women and drinking. However, it merely suggests but little kids may ask for some Royal Elite Vodka with some fries the next time they go out to eat with their parents. D.R.A.M., though, seems to be thrilled to essentially play for the entire video.

It’s almost harmless as it strives to be kid-friendly. The puppets are friendly and child-like, with a likeness to the humans without the uncanny quality. However, it’s meant to get adults to laugh at the same time.  Then, the child-like puppets in bed with the women rings some alarm bells. It doesn’t seem right.

Editing, though, forgot to take out the strings from the puppets. It happens when they have. It breaks the illusion for a few seconds as the focus turns to the string.

Director: Nathan Smith Year: 2017

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