Video Review: Céline Dion "Have You Ever Been In Love"

At the end of a pier, Céline Dion looks at the royal blue sky freckled with some pristine white clouds. The ocean, long dried, has given way to the barren gravel.

In her close up, she puts her hand to her chin and tilts it to the side. She smiles, thinking of when she first fell in love.

A lacy, black tent is set up and a couple walks towards it, the young man kissing his girlfriend’s hair and she puts her hand on his arm, which is around her. An anchor remains on the floor, its chain unrusted.

A man carries a box of supplies to his friends on the boat. A young woman, in a black bikini, stands at the edge of the boat, the gentle breeze blowing her hair.

A young man rides a motorcycle on the gravel, with his girlfriend in the back. Another couple, in a vintage car, puts their heads out their window, taking in the fresh air. Once they have parked, she stands up on the hood of the car and shields her eyes, viewing the sky.

A couple cuddles by the twisting tree branch, it’s limbs curling in circles.

Water trickles through the cracks of the gravel and then gushes into the pier, where she is still standing. At the tree branch, the young man flinches, believing it’s an emergency.

On the boat, the young man unhinches the anchor. Meanwhile, the couple is surprised to water course through the ground. They both stand up on the car and then kiss.

She sits on the edge of the pier, her feet bare. Standing up again, the sun sets, guided by some mahogany clouds. She faces the sky, amazed at the smoky red color.

Rating: 1/5

Potential unfunfilled: it can be seen in the single, silver leaf earring which dangles from Céline Dion’s ear, the spiky, golden blonde cut of her hair and in the couples’ dreamy eyes.

Without a Valentino or a Louis Vuitton gown, the single earring on her is suburban mom reading Vogue, sipping a bottle of red wine while the kids are at school. It’s a high fashion look which requires more than random gems bedazzled sparingly on a beige dress. The haircut only heightens the stereotype of a mother wanting to recapture her youth and be the most popular parent in the Parent Teachers’ Association.

However, the couples seem to think they are in a designer fragrance commercial inspired by Nicholas Sparks novels. Each one seems to represent the tragic couples. The young couple on the boat are similar to Noah and Allie of The Notebook while the couple by the tree may as well be Landon and Jamie from A Walk To Remember. It’s the endings they should’ve gotten, if circumstances had been different.

Director: Antti Jokinen Year: 2003


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