Video Review: Marian Hill "Down"

In an elevator, with a wall of discolored red flowers, Jack and Samantha stand and wait. As the camera pans away, the elevator goes down to next floor. Next, Samantha has her hand on the soft copper bar in the pearl white and gold decorated elevator. Then, Jeremy plays the keyboard in the dark. Samantha leans against the soft copper bar again.

While the beat zigzags, Jack and Samantha move around the hotel hallway and in the elevator. The lights blink.

The camera tilts clockwise as Jack and Samantha continue to move.

The camera centers itself again as they both ride the elevator, leaning against the copper bar while its head downwards at a rapid pace.

Jack and Samantha zigzag with the beat as they move around in various spots of the lobby.

In the shaft, Samantha stands on the elevator itself, holding onto the ropes while Jack plays.

The elevator then swings forward towards the screen while it slides down its path, sideways.

Tilted to the right, Jack and Samantha exit the elevator. Gradually, the camera centers itself as they both enter different elevators. Then, as the camera moves to the right, Jack and Samantha zigzag in and out of the elevator on the other side of the hall.

They lie on the floor in various positions as the camera rotates.

They disappear for a moment and then walk underneath the hanging moon to the elevator again.

The escalator heads for the floor below. However, the rope breaks. Samantha and Jack are suspended in the air, holding onto the wall and ceiling. The lights flash on and off.

In mid-air, they turn and look to the camera.

Rating: 3.5/5

The editing, with each movement matching to the beat, is masterful. The complicated sequences are well-placed, attuned to the rhythm. The focused tilting and rotating is balanced, used to divide the video into acts. Effortless, it allows something new to be discovered with further viewings.

The grandiose hotel, decorated in creamy white and a soft copper tones, promises modern luxury at a reasonable price. However, its faulty elevators have led to complaints and theories about hauntings of the people who have died at the hotel.

The elevator falls, its rope breaking, leading to Jack and Samantha clinging to the walls and ceiling. Although it’s a confined space, the Samantha stretches her limbs and plays with her long ponytail, expanding the area. Shape is explored as the camera tilts and closes in, elaborating on the details.

Director: Jack Begert Year: 2017

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