Video Review: Lionel Richie "Running With The Night"

At a wedding, the mother of the bride makes a toast. The bride and groom kiss. Then, the bride takes a bite out of the cake. Her family and friends raise their glasses. A bridesmaid sits at the head table, her hand on her glass. She looks at her friend, who she has known since grade school, and wonders when someone is going to notice her.

A group of couples leave a bar. The men put out their arms and their girlfriends hook their hand into them.

The bride tosses the bouquet. The lonely bridesmaid walks away, believing she didn’t have much of a chance anyhow.

The couples walk to Lionel Richie’s neighborhood. He opens a gate and walks down the street. One of the men finishes getting ready. He knocks on the apartment door across from him. He links his arms with his girlfriend and then gives her a kiss. Richie steps in front of them and they begin to dance. Everyone meets outside. Richie lingers on the steps to sing.

At the diner, one of the men plants some money on the counter. In the booth, Richie leans over and sings. He leaves. Next, he sings from the balcony of his apartment as the group walks down the street.

The police sirens wail and a spotlight is seen on a building. The group hides. The spotlight moves to a homeless man, drinking and grumbling. They cross the street once the police ride away on their motorcycles.

At the wedding, the people are dancing to the music. A couple of women chat in the bathroom after their dates. The bridesmaid leans against the wall, frowning.

Richie snaps his fingers at the jail. His friends turn around, gripping the bars. He bails them out and they find a banquet hall. Hearing music, they walk up the steps and then open the doors. They enter and the party stops.

They dance and then pull away to let Richie dance alone. He spots the bridesmaid and offers her his arm. She’s over the moon. The group takes over the dance floor and performs. Richie then asks the bride to dance. Then, everyone joins in the routine.

Under crimson light, the group dances outside the banquet hall. Richie snaps his fingers, walking away.

Rating: 3/5

Both stories weave together and connect in a logical fashion. However, the wedding plot is the strongest of the two. The bridesmaid, who has known the bride for most of her life,  thinks she won’t ever get to experience the milestone. Shy and alone, the wedding is a humiliation.

Among his friends, Lionel Richie is the level-headed one. Although they like to dine and ditch, he stays and pays the bill. The police believe they are being a public disturbance and he gets them out of jail. They are grateful to him. However, certain parts of the story are told out of order. They begin at the bar, dance on the street and then in the apartment building, leave it and then back again, as Richie sings on the balcony. Too much happens in one night and some editing would’ve been helpful.

The two stories connect at the wedding. There,  singles out the lonely bridesmaid. Finally, she is the one people are talking about. Richie is the man of the hour, saving his friends and possibly finding the love of his life.

Director: Bob Giraldi Year: 1983


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