Video Review: X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons & A$AP Ferg "Low Life"

A bartender pours some liquor into a glass and then slides it over to the man (Liev Schreiber) sitting at the counter. He looks into the glass and then takes out the straw. Inside, Jamie N Commons is singing in the ice cube. He looks up, wondering if he should drink it or not.

Further down the counter, an older man stares into his glass, watching Kungs sing.

In another glass, Sam Harris sings while it glides across the counter. Another glass from the other side also glides.

Schreiber leans back in his seat, thinking of the five year chip of sobriety in his pocket.

In a booth, the members of X Ambassadors drink while a few people play some pool. Outside, the female servers sucks on her cigarette, a glass in her hand. She unscrews the flask and pours some whiskey in it. A$AP Ferg raps inside the ice cube.

A drunk thirtysomething woman dances with her boyfriend. He drinks from his glass as she throws her arms around him. The server chugs the whiskey in her flask. A woman in the bathroom puts on her jacket.

In the corner, lit in scarlet red, Schreiber drinks. Kungs and Harris sing in the ice cubes. One of the glasses smashes to the ground.

Schreiber slides the empty glass back to the bartender. The bartender refills it and Schreiber takes it.

Rating: 1/5

Every person has a story in the video. However, no one gets an opportunity to share it. There isn’t any backstory given. It can only be guessed based on their expressions and how they are dressed.

The first man, played by Liev Schreiber, seems to be an account executive of some sort. Sober for five years, he recently received another poor performance review. However, he knows he’s being pushed out in favor to promote the CFO’s son’s girlfriend. His family wants continuous updates on his job. All he can do is wait until he’s walked into the human resources office and told that things have changed. He hasn’t picked up a drink in years. When he met his wife ten years ago, he decided to stop. But now, demoralized and made to be obsolete, one drink would take his mind off everything.

Meanwhile, the second man doesn’t have any family. His wife left him years ago. His children prefer not to be around him. He has the occasional odd job here and there. It’s enough to make rent. The bar is his second home and one where he can find solace.

The female server drinks in secret while on her break. The job was to pay for nursing school. However, she hasn’t been able to find a job as a nurse. It started as a shot or two , then a glass or two. Finally, she broke down and bought a flask when she found herself wanting the taste in her mouth between customers. Despondent about her future and stuck, it’s how she’s learned to cope.

All three of the characters are intriguing. However, it’s Schreiber who is able to break through and connect with the audience. Watching him in the corner, shaming himself as he drinks is a tragic moment. It’s the start of the spiral.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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