Video Review: Train "Play That Song"

A plane flies in the sky, leaving a trail of white smoke. Pat Monahan, looks up as he leaves the hotel. He puts in his earbuds and smiles.

He walks down the street and takes a man’s hat and then slides on the rail. He begins to dance on the steps and then tosses the hat. On the sidewalk, he kisses a young woman’s hand and gives a young man a high-five. He raises his arm up in triumph at the fountain.

At the fountain, he kicks up some water and as people dance around him.

He stands on a neon pink bench and greets the young woman next to him. He takes a balloon from a woman and hands it to another person. A man throws up some papers while sitting down and Monahan cheers. A police officer puts her hand out, telling them to stop. He diffuses her by dancing with her.

People wave to him, including a fiftysomething woman selling balloons.

Music notes have been drawn in the sky.

He dances on an oversized keyboard as several young women roller skate around him. People stop to listen to him as he performs.

People join him as he continues to walk. A marching band plays as he climbs the steps to another building. He puts his hands out, gesturing for them to stop.

He sighs and then enters the KTRN radio station. Once he’s inside the lobby, the people stay and one man keeps his boombox tuned to the station. The DJ says that after numerous requests, they are going to play Train’s new song. The people cheer. Monahan does a happy dance after he exits the lobby. Two men lift him up in the air as people continue to celebrate.

In the sky, the song’s title is written in cursive.

Rating: 5/5

After experiencing success in the early 2000s, Train has been in a steady decline. Where it was once a given that their music would be played, Pat Monahan finds himself scheduling meetings with his record company and DJ’s to convince them that their single would be profitable.

Nonetheless, the decline has humbled Monahan. At this point, he has accepted that the record company and radio stations have written the band off. At least he had the opportunity to do something he loved for a while.

The positive atmosphere in the video can be experienced online. On Twitter, they take the time to respond to fans who tell them how much they enjoy their music and ask about shows. It’s a mutual appreciation. With mean tweets and possible bitterness abound, the band has taken the high road.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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