Video Review: Flo Rida & 99 Percent "Cake"

Lit in royal blue, Flo Rida walks. Women, lit in the same blue, shake their hair out in spin class. Then, he walks to the boxing gym.

A woman parks across from another women leaning on the hood of her car. The first woman throws money. 99 Percent reach to catch it while sitting in the back of their truck. A Jeep rides by. The second woman closes her trunk.

At the boxing gym, a coach shouts as he trains two men in the ring. He claps for them. Flo Rida enters the gym.

On a clear, sunny day, Flo Rida and 99 Percent rap.

A man puts some gold blocks into a duffel bag. The coach sees Flo Rida and greets him.He hands Flo Rida the duffel bag. They leave the gym and then enter a spinning class. Flo Rida’s photo is seen on a phone. He drives away, gold-plated rims on his truck.

99 Percent rap by their truck and continue to try to catch the money in the air.

On a football field, Flo Rida and 99 Percent dance with little kids.

99 Percent meet the women who sat on the hood of her car and takes a duffel bag.

In the center, a single mom and her baby dance with Flo Rida and 99 Percent. Little kids perform in their marching band.

Someone hands Flo Rida the duffel bag. The single mom, sitting in her car, laughs at a meme she sees on her phone. He opens the duffel bag and smiles. The little kids make grabbing motions with their hands. He hands a few some gold blocks. A man, sitting in a car, nods. Three little girls smile with their gold blocks. A woman poses on the hood of a car. The three little girls bite into the gold blocks.

Flo Rida gets into his car and drives off the field. A little kid steps over a pile of cake on the ground.

Rating: 0/5

The hand off of the duffel bag requires a diagram, including a description of each person who takes it, in order to follow it. At some point, Flo Rida has it and then he doesn’t. He receives it again and then 99 Percent get it. The implication it’s supposed to be cocaine, though, is clear.

In between, there’s the explotation¬†of women in a spinning class, their cleavage showing. Flo Rida visits the trendy boxing gym. Men are training and the coach encourages them. Somehow, he knows Flo Rida. Then, there’s a mysterious man (who can be considered a dealer) talking with Flo Rida.

Two women have their own exchange, which doesn’t even figure into the original hand off. 99 Percent, though, hand off their own duffel bags.

Somehow, the final exchange ends at school’s football field. There, the gold blocks are given to little kids, with a man nodding his head from his afar. Meanwhile, a single mom with a baby dances in the middle of the group. Her presence seems to imply she’s hooked and has to find Flo Rida to get her fix.

Given the gold blocks implications, it’s inappropriate. The color change, considering the weight of it, doesn’t mean much with the connotation. The kids gorge on it, their mouths covered in frosting and leave, full. Unsettling, after the handoffs have been treated like a drug deal, it’s as though the kids have been charmed by some adults who are planning to recruit them.

Director: Jon J Follow Year: 2017

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