Video Review: En Vogue "Giving Him Something He Can Feel"

A car pulls up to the night club. In the dressing room, Terry puts on mascara and paints ruby red lipstick on her lips.

The curtain goes up. In shadow, En Vogue begin to perform, wearing matching red gowns. A man drops two ice cubes in his glass. Another man removes his glasses. The light on stage turns on and Dawn turns around. A man, touches his cheek and smirks. Terry, Cindy and Maxine turn, noticing the men in the audience.

A man laughs while another man loosens his tie. A man, wearing a hat, blows them a kiss. Stunned, a man pauses as he takes a sip. He also loosens his tie. A twentysomething man nods his head to the music. A man runs his finger down his cheek, pretending it’s a tear. A row of men sit up straight in their chairs, their attention fixed on the group. A man fans himself with his hat. A man snaps his fingers and dances in his seat.  A man takes off his wedding band and puts it in his pocket.

On stage, En Vogue take off of one of their black gloves from their arms and whip it around. The men lean forward in their seats, their jaws agape. A man pats his forehead with his handkerchief and removes his tie. Champagne spills over the glass.

After they finish, the men give them a standing ovation.

Rating: 5/5

Although the video takes place in a downtown night club like the scene in its predecessor, the 1976 film, Sparkle, Dawn Robinson won’t meet Sister’s fate. She is likely to sleep with the one of the men who talk to her backstage and then leave for another show.

Seasoned and assured, En Vogue mesmerize the room of men. Touring for over a year, the group protects each other, both on stage and off. Tonight it’s Dawn’s turn for the spotlight. However, in the next city, it may be Terry’s.

The video explores the movie further, asking what if. What if Sister hadn’t gotten involved with a shady man? What if they had someone looking out for them? Who would’ve been if they hadn’t gone their seperate ways?

En Vogue reimagines Sisters and the Sisters as a strong unit, unfettered by fame and men, reaching superstardom on a national stage.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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