Video Review: Nick Fradiani "Love Is Blind"

Nick Fradiani enters a banquet hall, guitar slung under his arm. The best man says that he has a surprise for him and introduces Fradiani. Everyone claps and the bride puts her hand over her mouth, shocked.

Fradiani passes through several dining tables in the back and then finds a chair. There, he says hello to everyone. He sits on the chair and begins to play.

By the staircase, where Fradiani is playing, a thirtysomething woman chats with an older man. A fiftysomething woman in a silver dress sneaks by to say something.

The couple dances on the floor as their family and friends watch. Some people film it with their phones. The flower girl taps her basket against her hand to the music. The photographer kneels down to take a picture. Two young women link their arms together and swing back and forth.

An uncle and several aunts gather in a circle to take of pictures of Fradiani. A grandma talks to her niece, who was chatting with the older man earlier. Fradiani puts her arms around the  bride and groom for a photo. The flower girl looks on until she is asked to come back to the table by her parent. Then, he takes pictures with the bride and the children who were in the wedding party.

While the couple dances, a woman bends down to take off her heels while a bridesmaid holds her bouquet of flowers.

After performing, the bride and groom thank him. They both hug him. He meets two of the groomsmen.

The bridesmaids dance on the floor.

Fradiani poses with a grandma. A woman in a black, sparkly dress walks in front of him, filming him with her phone.

The video puts in live audio. He thanks everyone.

Rating: 4.5/5

An everyday couple gets a bucket list memory as part of their wedding: having a celebrity perform the song for the first dance of the evening. While it is a similar idea to Maroon 5’s “Sugar,” Fradiani’s improves on it by making it less about the surprise and adding naturalism to it.

When he is introduced, people gasp and cheer with excitement. However, the family and friends get caught up in watching the coupe dance. The thirtysomethings and under seem unfazed by him being there. During the photos, the teen girls are smiling. However, the ring bearer is rather unenthused. It’s the older people who are visibly starstruck. One woman even stands and films right in front of him as he sings.  The people seen taking pictures on their phones, are the older aunts and uncles.

The camera, though, does catch people unaware: the little girl thumping her basket back and forth and then photobombing later. A young woman takes off her heels on the side of the dance floor. One bridesmaid, though, stands poised, with bouquet in hand, prepared if the camera pans her way.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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