Video Review: Fleetwood Mac "Little Lies"

In front of the home, the wooden fence still stands. The barn in the backyard has hosted many parties. Christine waves to a friend off in the distance from the barn. Stevie walks inside it. Lindsey leans against it. Christine begins to play the piano.

Lindsey walks upstairs. From the window, he can see the entire ranch. He puts his hands in his pockets, thinking of the memories. Mick walks on the driveway, heading to the house. He fades and Lindsey appears, leaning against the wall in the garage. Past the clothesline, John plays the guitar. Mick plays the drums on the side of the house and then disappears.

At the barn, Christine plays the piano and then fades. Stevie sings, while holding the end of her dress. Outside, with Christine upfront, some of the band play in the background before they  fade.

Her hand on the frame of the barn, Christine sings, with some paint overlaying her image. Christine and Stevie walk by the wooden fence and then disappear. Christine and Lindsey perform inside the barn then fade.

With his jacket over his shoulder, John walks upstairs, which fades into Christine, Mick and Stevie. Back at the barn, Lindsey holds his guitar to his chest.

Christine, Lindsey and John walk out on the lawn, chatting, paint overlaying their images. Inside the barn, Stevie slaps her knee to the music as she sits on a chair. Paint is drawn onto the house, shading it in a mixture of blues and yellows.

Lindsey takes huge steps outside the barn, which fade into Christine, Mick and then Stevie. Christine rides one of her horses. She asks John to check her teeth. Stevie looks off into the road, thinking.

Inside the barn, everyone is there, with Christine up front. John taps his foot, keeping his eyes off Stevie. Stevie tries to meet his gaze. Lindsey stands with his hands in his pockets then fades into Christine, walking with her head down.

Rating: 5/5

Christine McVie visits the ranch to get away from her fractured relationship with her husband. While there, she jots down some notes and gets inspired by the memories she envisions as she passes by the wooden fence.

She considers selling it. Numerous amounts of songs were composed while riding a horse or in conversation inside the barn. She invited Stevie Nicks over often, in breaks between tour dates, to talk. She and Lindsey would discuss relationships and she would confide in him. Her husband would be absent, choosing to be around for practice and then avoiding her. Perhaps it’s time to end the chapter of her life and put a final close on it. Bur for right now, she wants to relive each memory, remembering the ranch for the happiness it used to give her.

Director: Dominic Sena Year: 1987

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    1. Hi Nick! I couldn’t find any confirmation. There’s a speculation it’s in the UK or somewhere in the United States. It’s a gorgeous ranch, though. Sorry I couldn’t be any information for you.

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